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Buzz Cut For Men

The buzz cut is one of the most versatile and stylish men’s haircuts, suitable for almost every combination of mustache, goatee, or beard.

To achieve a stylish buzz cut, it’s essential to use appropriate clippers and trim it regularly. Incorporating some men’s hair pomade or wax can add extra style.

Long Buzz Cut with Extended Sideburns

This variation on the classic buzz cut adds more definition around your face by emphasizing its features. Sideburns should be longer than hair on top for an interesting contrast that emphasizes your jaw line.

Add an elegant touch to your buzz cut with short bangs to frame your face for an eye-catching style, perfect for any special occasion or complementing different facial hair styles. This sophisticated combination complements all facial hair types.

Inspired by military hairstyles, this sleek and striking variation of the classic buzz cut uses fades or blends to highlight your most eye-catching features. Back and side hair is shaved short while top hair remains longer (typically two to three guards’ worth of length). This unique hairstyle requires little maintenance for an impressive and sophisticated appearance that requires little grooming and upkeep.

Grown-Out Buzz Cut

A grown-out buzz cut can provide you with a fresh start in terms of hair. As opposed to fade or taper styles, in which shaved sides and back are blended seamlessly into your top hair length, an ungrown-out buzz cut allows your locks to gradually grow out over time.

For this style, ask your barber to shave down the back and sides to triple zero while leaving two to three guard’s worth of hair on top. This will create an all-over, sleek head of hair which can easily be styled with low skin fades.

Though any buzz cut can flatter any face shape, certain styles are particularly effective at accentuating certain features of certain shapes. For instance, those with egg-shaped faces will benefit from having one with a lower skin fade as this will reduce that iconic egg shape around their forehead and jaw area.

Thick Hair Buzz Cut

The thick hair buzz cut is an ideal style for men with naturally thicker textures. It involves shaving down both the sides and back of your head to a number 4 while leaving some length at the top, usually two or three guards. This creates a taper effect which looks fantastic when combined with side-parting or added structure using men’s hair pomade or mousse for additional structure.

This buzz cut can also be customized with intricate shaved patterns such as lines, zig-zags and diamonds for an added personalized touch. Furthermore, you can color it to showcase your individuality by giving it an eye-catching hue!

As with any buzz haircut, regular upkeep is necessary for maintaining an appealing and tidy appearance. To achieve optimal results, it is advisable to show your barber examples of styles similar to what you desire so they can start their cut on an appropriate note.

Short Buzz Cut

A short buzz cut is ideal for men experiencing hair thinning, as it covers thin spots seamlessly while adding balance to a widow’s peak and complements facial hair for a put-together appearance.

Another variation of the short buzz cut is a high skin fade, similar to a low fade but with longer skin extension past ears and nape for an eye-catching style. This style works particularly well on men who are experiencing hair loss as it adds length and makes styling simpler. Additionally, this cut works great as an antidote for balding as it adds length at top for easier styling.

A buzz cut with designs is an eye-catching modern style that uses clippers to form lines, shapes and patterns on shaved areas of the head using clipper lines and designs. This look can be completed using various colors for an eye-catching appearance that stands out and expresses personality. A great choice for those who wish to stand out and express themselves.


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