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Women find men with classic pompadours attractive; although this style may appear high-maintenance, it demonstrates confidence and style-consciousness.

If you have medium hair, try styling it into a classic side part with fade. This style works well with various suits and casual ensembles alike; all it requires to achieve is some pomade or hair gel for men to achieve this look.

Long Hair with a Side Part

Side parts add the perfect finishing touch to a formal hairstyle, creating an instantaneous side parting effect with longer locks on top and shorter sides. They also work perfectly with fades for creating contrast between longer frontal locks and short, razored sides.

Try on this wavy side-swept hairstyle and see how it can change your appearance. Perfect for those with natural waves or curly locks, and even more stunning with products to help de-frizz and manage unruly wisps!

One of the few styles that bridges casual and professional, this dapper option combines a classic side part with a well-groomed beard for an eye-catching combination. Long locks on top can be styled into quiffs, slicked back, or left loose for that Instagram-ready beachy feel textured with matte pomade or sea salt spray for Instagram perfection. Regular maintenance with trims and high quality products should keep this look in its prime.

Short Hair with a High Fade

A high fade short hairstyle for men combines a clean, polished appearance with masculine flair. Suitable for all hair textures and face shapes, it can be worn either side parted or with pomade applied over the back to keep this style looking sharp. Regular shampooing and conditioning sessions help keep this style looking sharp while regular trims help ensure healthy locks.

Contrasting with other fade haircuts that start near the ears, this variation of the fade haircut for men starts higher up on the sides and elongates the face. Perfect for those who desire an understated contrast with longer locks on top!

A taper fade is similar to a high fade, except the hair becomes gradually shorter before blending into the skin. It makes an ideal choice for those seeking a cleaner and more structured appearance and complements any style from military cuts to pompadours.

Short Hair with a Brush Up

No matter if you prefer short or longer locks, there are various hairstyle options to suit every taste and preference. Choose a classic side-front bang cut, straight top style or even something unique like a textured crop to show off its texture while maintaining a natural appearance.

This style is particularly effective on oval face shapes as it creates a strong and masculine appearance. Additionally, this hairdo is easy to maintain and suitable for any event as long as a quality pomade or texturing product is used.

The comb over fade is another stylish and versatile haircut that suits most people, similar to the taper fade but offering more room for styling on top of your head. Ideal for those who enjoy medium length hair but do not wish for extensive maintenance commitment.

Short Hair with a Short Ponytail

Ponytails are an iconic look in men’s hairstyling – their simplicity, cool look from behind, and hint of elegance add sophistication to any ensemble.

Add texture spray before you style a short ponytail for maximum volume and volume! R+Co’s Trophy Shine and Texture Spray offers just the solution for fuller ponytails without making them stiff or dry.

Men with shorter hair may wish to try either a high or low ponytail style, although low ponytails tend to work best for creating more of a Y2K aesthetic. Pair it with a fade for an informal yet sophisticated style.

Style your ponytails in another unique way with a big hair tie! It adds instant Cleopatra-esque vibes, as seen on Joan Smalls and Lucy Hale who both rock this style with clean blowouts. To elevate this look even further, pair it with a shiny gold cuff for maximum effect.


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