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If your locks have waves or coils, a layered shaggy haircut can add volume and texture to them. Made popular by Timothee Chalamet, this look works especially well on men who already possess natural-textured locks.

This style will accentuate chiseled features and is best suited for oval or round face shapes. Taming thick strands may require additional effort, but their results make the effort worth while.


One of the most fashionable and adaptable haircuts for men, a fade can be tailored to meet your personal taste and preferences. Your stylist will cut your hair so it gradually tapers from the top of your head towards your ears; depending on your face shape or hair texture you may also wish to incorporate beard or moustache styles for added definition.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, inquire with your barber about a skin fade. This dramatic short haircut features hair being shaved all the way back from your neck and scalp; making this style easy maintenance when styled back slick using gel or pomade. Additionally, crew cuts are timeless options that pair nicely with fades; whether combed back slick for an elevated appearance or left looser for casual appearance.


Undercuts are an attractive style suitable for most hair types and lengths. They even make for an effective addition to ponytails if the lower part remains short enough. Rasmus’ star design in his hair serves as a prime example, adding volume on top while being further highlighted by an undercut.

The disconnected cut is another popular undercut variant, featuring an eye-catching contrast between long hair on top and short or shaved sides without an in-gradient fade. Perfect for making an impressionful statement, its longer section can be styled in any number of ways: slicked back, side parted or left natural.

Channel your inner rockstar with this stylish beard hairstyle that brings out its best features. A shaved side provides a clean part line while the fuller top can be styled into pompadours, quiffs or even slicked back as desired. Although suitable for most face shapes, this look works particularly well on those who boast strong jawlines and prominent cheekbones.

Long Hair with Highlights

Accentuating your locks by adding highlights is an easy and stylish way to give them an updated style, brightening both the lengths and face. Choose between natural or bold highlights depending on your personal taste and the hue chosen for the highlights.

No matter whether your hair is straight or curly, there are numerous long haircut styles designed to keep it looking sleek and stylish. If your mane naturally curls naturally, consider opting for a shoulder-length style for loose, flowing curls that work for both casual and formal events.

If your hair is straight, a quiff with low undercut will give your look a modern yet classic aesthetic. Wear it slicked back or in a rolled chignon for maximum impact – this style makes for great brunch or park time reading time!

Messy Hair

A messy hairstyle is ideal for guys with long, thick locks. This look combines laidback ease with an edgy edge; best achieved with a scissor crop top and mid fade that creates a rounded fade line around your forehead. Simply leave your locks be or style with product to give some added definition.

Utilising matte-effect hair clay or pomade can help create this style, as it creates more natural-looking textures in the hair. Simply rub some between your hands before running them through your locks casually for an off-duty casual appearance. Slick back your locks but keep some looseness to give the appearance of more relaxation and off-duty casualness.

While celebrity stylists may have teams of stylists at their disposal, any guy can achieve this look using either professional barbers or self-cutting methods. The key to getting it just right is having an ideal base haircut and then playing around with different styles to see which works best.


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