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Faded Faux Hawk is a classic and timeless style suitable for all face shapes. This hairstyle combines a taper fade with a textured top section. Matte products such as paste or powder can help add texture without appearing too spiky.

Men with an oblong or triangular face shape should opt for a higher crest to elongate their mug, while those with round face shapes should go for lower ones.

1. Slick Pompadour

Like a Mohawk but more subdued, this short faux hawk is ideal for guys looking to keep peak punk at bay as much as possible. More practical than its pomp counterpart, this short faux hawk allows easier passage through door frames without risking passive-aggressive emails from Sarah in HR.

Call your barber and request a low fade on both sides and back, with medium to long length hair along the top center left medium-to-long. Complete the look by applying strong hold pomade for an impressive, professional appearance.

This modern take on the quiff is ideal for all facial structures, providing a chic aesthetic while simultaneously balancing out an oval face shape. Wear it with your jeans for an effortlessly casual look suitable for going out to events; particularly good when working with curly hair to highlight its natural texture for added rugged edge – use water-based pomades like Regal Gentleman Vintage Pomade for ultimate flexibility and maximum adaptability!

2. Fohawk

Beginners or those exploring their hair options alike will find this faux haircut an invaluable styling option. From spiky and edgy styles like this one seen here to smooth fades with precision fades – it offers endless styling possibilities! To achieve the desired style it is key that the sides be neatly trimmed while keeping the top length a little longer for volume; pomade can help maintain this style when applied when damp hair.

Fohawks are the easy, relaxed cousin of mohawks. Defined by short back and sides with a longer strip of hair at the centre that can either be spiked up or formed into a point, Tilda Swinton made this style iconic by wearing one herself; adding feminine flair while remaining effortlessly cool. Although this style suits most face shapes, square shaped faces should ensure that their forehead width does not limit how narrow their crest appears while those with diamond faces should keep low fades so as to tuck in their peaks at front.

3. Surgical Line

Surgical lines are well-defined shaved strips that cut across the fade, ideal for thick haired individuals seeking a faux hawk with extra volume. They look best with high taper fades and longer crests as it creates an eye-catching contrast between short sides and back and the longer top section of hair. Medium hold hairspray should help secure this style in place.

This style pairs beautifully with beards of all lengths – full, stubble, or stubble and beard combo. Experiment with different fade and crest length styles until you find one that best matches your lifestyle and personality. A texturizing spray or matte clay applied to the crest helps give this style grip and texture; then tousle it with your fingers for an undone, slick-back finish. Adding some pomade or wax can provide extra firm hold if your locks tend to floof around more often.

4. Curly Hair

For those with thick curls or coils of kinky hair, finding styles that suit their texture can be challenging. One option that may work is a short faux hawk with a clean fade; it offers enough edge without blocking your face when speaking and is simple enough for everyday wear. Just be sure to use strong product like pomade or clay that maintains shape and hold; something with low shine is best suited to this look.

Faux hawks are great styling options because of their versatility. Even short strands can be cut to create windswept and textural looks like Zoe Kravitz’s, just remembering your natural texture as part of the haircut process. Thick locks can use matte paste or an oil to slick back their top layer in order to form face-framing tendrils with sharp points like Miley Cyrus’ touseled faux hawk.


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