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Faded Faux Hawk

Faded Faux Hawk is an updated variation of the faux hawk haircut that combines taper fade sides with longer locks on top for a striking, sophisticated style that looks amazing on men with thick locks looking to look their best and dapper.

Curly hair also looks fantastic when styled this way; it gives them more modern vibes. To achieve this style, use non-greasy matte clay or gel.

Clean Cut

If you like the punk rock look but are hesitant to go full spiky, this style might be just what you need. A short faux hawk with ample layering provides just enough edginess without looking overly messy or spiky; just keep side hair shorter than top for optimal results. Square or oval face shapes might find this style particularly flattering since it adds build without appearing angular.

Contrast, blending, and texture are the hallmarks of any great faux hawk haircut. Contrast refers to how much of your head remains exposed; for instance, shorter fade lengths create greater contrast. Texture refers to how much visual interest there is up top; finally blending refers to how well your faux hawk blends in with fade or side cuts.


Mohawks are known for their punk flair, yet this version offers something with more of a faded style for OAPs to admire without crossing the street in panic as they walk by you. To achieve this style of faux hawk you’ll need your barber to set his clippers at zero before gradually fading them in by 0.5 to 2 grades from side of head towards back. This allows your hair to crest at the back while being easily moulded toward center by adding or decreasing product as necessary.

It’s usually worn with a Fade for a smooth transition from neckline to centre crest; however, an Undercut may provide more disconnected separation or even pompadour volume accentuation.


Ample is an adjective which denotes having an abundance of something; having enough: There was an abundant supply of muffins for sale at the bake sale; enough space in my new van. Ample can also refer to having large proportions, such as when used to describe someone who is over 6ft 2in tall and his waist measures an ample 33inches around his midriff area. Synonyms for ample are liberal, copious and profuse.

The Faux Hawk style suits most face shapes but may be unsuited for those with long oblong faces as it draws attention to their length. Using strong products for shaping it from its peak towards its center is key – try pomade for an eye-catching shine or matte wax for more natural looking styles.


As cutting is a feat of follicular management, many men choose to leave it up to professional barbers who understand its requirements.

This style often pairs a fade on the sides to provide a seamless transition from temples to center crest of hair, creating a textured appearance while adding volume and shape.

For an even sharper angular effect, use hair clips or elastics to clip down the center section and prevent yourself from accidentally cutting it when trimming the sides of your head with clippers. This step also serves to prevent it from getting cut by accidentally trimming yourself!

The faux hawk is an acceptable and stylish take on aggressive barbering that still retains some punk flair.


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