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The medium mens hair cut is often seen as a happy medium between long and short lengths, offering versatility to suit various face shapes. It’s ideal for guys who want some volume in their locks without committing to long styles.

This classic yet contemporary style features a line detail carved behind the ear. It’s super versatile and effortless to style.


The undercut is a timeless men’s hair cut that can be styled in numerous ways. Whether you prefer to upstyle with a quiff or slick it back for work, the undercut works great on any lifestyle and face shape.

One of the primary advantages of an undercut is that it drastically reduces styling time. With less hair to deal with, you can keep your style fresh and streamlined without needing to spend hours perfecting each day.


The pompadour is one of the classic men’s hair cuts that will never go out of style. Whether worn for formal events or down for casual wear, this cut works for all ages and backgrounds.

The classic pompadour adds weight and volume to the top of the head, which can exaggerate facial features such as high foreheads or round cheeks. However, this style also works great for guys with square or oval-shaped faces.

Master barber Kirby Stout suggests using pomade on your hair for a sleeker style. She stresses the importance of using a styling product with stronghold to guarantee your locks remain in shape throughout the day.


Layered haircuts are an excellent option for men looking to create the illusion of volume and fullness. Not only do they help eliminate bulk, but they add movement to hair as well – making them suitable for either thin or thick locks.

Long layered haircuts offer a fashionable way to frame the face and give off an attention-grabbing effect when styled in various ways. They look particularly flattering on round and heart-shaped faces and can be styled in various ways for different occasions.

Are you uncertain whether a layered hair cut is the right one for you? Ask your stylist what they think! They can offer expert guidance on the best options based on your hair type, length and texture.

Brushed Back

Men with thick and wavy hair will love this effortless hairstyle. All it takes is some styling product and some quick blow drying for this quick-to-create look.

For busy guys who want a classic and polished style that keeps their head held high, the clipper cut is the perfect option. Not only is it easy to maintain, but it looks smart too. Although more complex than other cuts, brushed back styles still provide easy elegance.


Graduated backs are one of the most versatile hair cut styles, suitable for a variety of hair textures. They’re great for guys looking to experiment with bold new colours as they’re short enough to grow out the dye easily.

Graduated bobs can be created using various cutting techniques, such as layering and disconnection. Alexander Dinter’s tutorial shows both combined, so you can consider your client’s hair quality when selecting your technique.

Barbered Edges

Barbered edges are the modern-day version of an afro or shaved head. Their benefits include smoother, healthier-looking tresses and an effortlessly cool style that takes only minutes to achieve. Plus, maintenance is simple too: use quality products like Axe Ice Chill to keep them sleek and straight. For experienced groomers with great eyes, you may even get away with using some keratin-infused styling cream for additional shine and control.

Skin Fade

The skin fade is a popular addition to any man’s haircut and goes well with both modern and classic styles. Its seamless transition from hair to skin makes styling and maintaining this style effortless.

When selecting a skin fade, whether it be low, mid or high, it’s essential to select one that flatters your face shape. A lower skin fade is ideal for men with diamond or triangular head shapes while those with heart-shaped faces should opt for the higher option.


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