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The messy crop hair style combines rugged charm and contemporary flair into one stylish ensemble. When used properly, this look can create a bold statement about its wearer. Style with matte pomade for an understated vibe or add hair gel for sleekness to achieve stunning results – making this style an excellent option for men looking to turn heads.

Ask your barber to add choppy layers on top and feathering at the fringe for added movement in your cut. After styling it dry, use light amounts of hair wax on your hands to define and shape each strand for extra shape and definition.

French Crop

French Crop Hairstyles are timeless looks that are adaptable to all hair types. Traditionally, they consist of short back and sides with high fades and longer top that can be styled into either an inverted long fringe or dramatic texture for maximum drama.

To achieve this look, ask your barber to point cut the crown instead of cutting straight across, creating gradual graduations with gradual graduations to add texture and volume to your crown area. Finally, to finish it off smudge matte clay or pomade through your hair for a natural-looking result.

Disconnected Undercut

A popular and trendy look, the disconnected undercut features a striking contrast between longer hair on top and shaved or closely cropped sides and back. Perfect for creating a grunge aesthetic, this style can either be worn slicked back neatly or styled casually with a side part for more casual and textured texture.

For this look, have your barber disconnect the undercut or create a hard line, which is a sharp transition between longer hair on top and shaved sides. Once complete, use clay wax or pomade to style your top layer as desired.

Textured Crop

The textured crop is an eye-catching haircut that works on most types of hair. It can be styled short for casual looks or long for more edgy styles; either way it works well with any fade or worn without one; additionally it suits various face shapes well and even conceals receding hairlines!

Texturizing thin hair can add volume and movement. For maximum effect, ask your barber to incorporate different textures into the style.


Bedhead hairstyles are chic yet casual styles that evoke the feeling that you just rolled out of bed, perfect for anyone wanting to add a bit of edge or wanting an easier maintenance style. Bedhead styles also make great options for people seeking versatile looks they can rely on all year-round!

To achieve the bedhead hair style, you will require several key products and tools. These may include texturizing spray and styling products designed to create an authentic yet natural appearance.

Pomade Crop

Pomade Crop haircut is an effortless yet dapper style that works best when combined with high sheen products like Traditional Pomade. Apply liberally to damp hair and carefully comb back for that classic slicked-back appearance that this haircut is famed for.

Pomades, clays and pastes may all seem daunting but what’s important is finding one that suits your style best. Oil based pomades work well for high shine looks with an upswept parting while clays provide matte natural finishes with medium hold – for those wanting a natural matte look go with clays while pastes offer versatility with low to medium shine styles that work for most hairstyles.

Spiked Crop

This beautifully groomed spiky hairstyle exudes elegance and tastefulness, and works equally well in professional settings and casual outings. With its trimmed beard and mustache, thick eyebrows, blonde color hair color and shaved sides combining to form a memorable appearance, this truly remarkable style commands both admiration and consideration from onlookers.

Spiked left, right or straight up, this hair style enhances any man’s personality effortlessly. For optimal results, apply quality products while the hair is damp to ensure they won’t wash away as soon as it dries.

For those with a crew cut, this textured spikes hairstyle offers an easy yet fashionable way to embrace this trend. Simply sweep some texturizing product up toward your scalp before shaping strands into side-swept spikes for an attractive finish that is both sleek and polished.


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