“comb over & part & taper” is one of the most popular haircuts in men’s fashion magazines such as GQ and InStyle. It is where the top of the head is shaved, and a small section of hair above the shaved area is dyed different shades. The sections of hair are often referred to as a “taper” or “comb over,” while the top of the head is called a “part.”

Comb Over  Part Taper Fade

Sometimes called a “top-down shave,” this haircut is also sometimes known as a “taper haircut.” It looks more like a beard than a traditional comb over, as it is less noticeable on thick hair. Because the top of the head is shaved, there is no longer need for a razor. This makes it convenient for men who enjoy going barefoot, and it can help those who are sensitive to shaving.

Part and taper faders are both equally popular among male celebrities. Part has been used by many of them, as they like the look, however most men do not like this style. Taper, however, is favored by many of the stars due to its low maintenance and versatility. Taper faders typically last anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on your hair type and length.


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