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Best haircuts for men

A professional barber understands how to style and enhance the shape of your face by working with different hair textures. They will make sure that you look stylish while also drawing out its best features.

The fade cut is an excellent men’s haircut for those looking to keep their locks short, as it combines short back and sides with long top hair, which can be styled in numerous ways.

High Top

Men with thick, coily locks may benefit from sporting a high top fade style. In this look, the top layer is cut to sit vertically while sides and back areas are shaved at higher levels to create an easy transition between lengths.

This style stands out with a straight hair cut and high skin fade combined with short facial hair – creating an eye-catching combination that will turn heads!

The pear-shaped face type, with wide jaws and narrow chin, benefits greatly from this haircut, as it adds balance to its angles. Furthermore, this look works particularly well as an office hairstyle; professional and fashionable at once! This cut can even work for businessmen.

Detailed Hair Design

Your face shape will determine which styles will look best when selecting a haircut. There are seven distinct face structures, and all can be complemented by finding an appropriate style of cut.

Example: Side-swept undercuts are ideal for oval faces as they add definition to the hair. Conversely, high fades will remove all side hair while drawing attention only to your crown area.

If you have a pear-shaped face, be careful about any wide sides as this will widen your chin and jawline further. A goatee may actually help balance out this face shape while traditional barber buzz cuts can also provide a classic, elegant look that pairs well with beard trims.

Low Fade

The low fade haircut is an attractive and versatile style perfect for short and long men’s hair styles, pairing well with short or long locks. Beginning just above the ears and gradually tapering down towards the back and neckline, it creates an unassuming transition that provides a clean-cut appearance.

Low fade haircuts with a slicked-back style are an ideal way to showcase your personal style and are suitable for any special occasion. Pair this cut with either stubble or full beard growth for a neat and tidy finish.

Temple fade haircuts provide versatility and can work with most types of hair. Starting an inch above the ear, this fade transitions smoothly towards the nape for a sleek and clean finish.

Brushed Back

A brushed back haircut combines long, thick locks on top with closely shaved or short sides for an attractive, classic style. It works best for men who desire easy maintenance short hair coupled with longer fuller locks they can style with pomade or clay; additionally it can provide an alternative tapered fade that’s less dramatic and more subdued than its more popular cousin, the mohawk.

If you have a cowlick, try using hair gel to control its flailing and style it like Shia LaBeouf with either a retro pompadour or messy tousled look, such as Robert Pattinson has. Or grow out for an easy shaggy style which works beautifully when worn with beard. Either way, this classic look never goes out of fashion!

Butch Cut

Men with butch cuts can rock their hair in various styles, ranging from classic barber cuts like the skin fade barber cut to more unconventional looks. This style makes an excellent choice for men looking for an effortlessly stylish and contemporary fashion trend-perfect style that requires minimum maintenance.

This style features short sides and back with longer crown areas for easy styling with hair clay for an attractive, texturized appearance.

This style, commonly referred to as the military/fire/police barber cut, features an even tapering of hair around the head with a low to medium fade and low tapering of length at the sides. This haircut is great for men looking for short yet well-kept locks.


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