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What hairstyle is most professional men

Professional men tend to keep their hairstyle simple and neat. This includes classic styles like side parting or combovers for that classic Mad Men aesthetic and the timeless crew cut, both of which exude confidence and simplicity.

The bro flow is an elegant yet masculine style that looks good both casually and professionally. Pairing well with fades, this look helps men show off their flair.

The Slick Back

A classic professional hairstyle, the slicked back is an understated and refined style that conveys confidence and professionalism. To create this look, a low skin fade or taper may be applied at the back and sides while longer locks are combed forward and secured into place using dime-sized pomades to balance control with flexibility.

As an alternative, try the hard part and taper fade style made famous by Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street and Don Draper from Mad Men. This more sophisticated take on classic slicked back requires some growth on top and then using long-lasting hair gel to put everything into place.

The Pompadour

The Pompadour may not seem like the ideal professional hairstyle, but with just a bit of tweaking it can work beautifully for men in professional environments. This rock-and-roll style combines a longer top with closely cropped sides for an eye-catching contrast, adding height and adding edginess. This look works particularly well on men with angular faces and works with straight, wavy or curly locks.

The classic pompadour requires plenty of length in front, and a scissor cut shorter on the back and sides than on the top (known as a fade). For an iconic high-shine finish, use some old-school pomade to get this sharp look.

The Quiff

If you have naturally thick locks, the quiff is an effective way to show them off. Keep the sides short – an elegant taper fade works especially well – while building height on top using grooming cream or pomade.

This classic throwback style was popularised by rock ‘n’ roll and bad boy icons like Elvis and James Dean and remains popular today among Teddy Boys and contemporary musicians. Its upswept shape can help lengthen features on square or rectangular faces by emphasizing certain parts.

Modernized variations on this style can be worn with beards for an intimidatingly masculine appearance suited to office settings.

The Bro Flow

The flow hairstyle is an ideal professional look for men with long textured hair. Combining tradition with modern cool, this style exudes strength and confidence without looking slick-back or too done-up. Pairing this look with a beard can further help set it apart from young male millennials in the industry.

This trendy hairstyle requires only minimal care to stay looking its best; regular trims will keep it alive and shapely. Additionally, it works well on various face shapes from oval to square and heart-shaped; mature men with grey hair may look particularly stylish wearing this hairstyle! Additionally, this style works particularly well on men who have curly locks.

The Messy Look

Messy hairstyles offer the ideal solution to achieve that iconic Mad Men vibe with ease. Perfect for short and medium length locks, messy styles require product such as mousse, hairspray, sea salt spray or matte clays – but be wary not to overuse any one product!

If you want a truly natural finish, try combining a longer taper fade with loose quiff or heavily tousled top and back styles – they give an authentic “I just rolled out of bed look”, yet still look put-together.

The Faux Hawk

A modified mohawk makes an elegant statement while remaining classy and understated – ideal for men who wish to make an impression in corporate environments without risking an email from Sarah in HR.

Adding some texture and dimension to your faux hawk with the addition of quiff or fringe can add extra drama and dimension. Or try going for straight fringe or side part for a modern style that complements any business attire.

Request that your barber fade the sides and back close to skin while leaving plenty of length on top for this style. Applying strong-hold gel will also help your locks remain in place.


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