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Certain trends change season to season, yet certain men’s haircuts never go out of style. One such hairstyle is the textured crop – offering ruggedly handsome yet low maintenance aesthetics for guys seeking low maintenance solutions for masculinity.

This flexible cut can be styled in various ways – be it using texturising pomade for added texture or simply sleeked back for an effortlessly modern appearance – making it suitable for many face shapes and hair types.

Textured Crop

The textured crop haircut for men has quickly become one of the hottest styles. This trendy cut strikes the ideal balance between professional and casual looks, making it suitable for professional life or social gatherings alike.

This cut combines a classic French crop with a low fade, creating an eye-catching blend of lengths. This style is versatile enough to work both with or without beard.

To achieve the look, visit a barbershop with an excellent reputation for cutting male hair. Rafael’s Barbershop in Birmingham, Michigan is an excellent option offering friendly advice and top-class styling services.

Side Part

A classic side part has undergone a modern update, perfect for guys seeking an elegant style. Ranging from subtle off-centering to dramatically deep depths, this hairstyle flatters most face shapes while working well for any length and style.

An upswept deep side part can transform any look – be it textured bob or sleek low ponytail. A deep side part also works great for adding texture and movement to straight locks as well as giving volume to curls or waves in long locks.

If you want a professional and polished appearance, ask your barber to create a hard part in your haircut. Cristiano Ronaldo and John Boyega both sport this look with great panache; it strikes an ideal balance between smart and casual wearability.

Low Fade

No matter if you’re trying to channel Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders or simply looking back to your emo days, the short comb over skin fade can add a modern flair to the classic crew cut and works especially well when worn with beards.

Perfect for those seeking an effortless way to add texture to their hair without much effort, this style is a sleek variation on last year’s fade mohawk trend. With an extended nape and textured layers revealing the forehead for an elegant, refined look that works both at work or night out.


Mohawks are timeless and iconic hairstyles for men. Representing rebellion against convention, this trend-setting look can range from sky-high spikes with vivid colors all the way down to subtle variations that still show its uniqueness.

For those seeking a professional yet playful image, the low fade mohawk is an excellent way to do both. This style features tapered fades on both the sides and back of their heads while leaving more length at the top for styling purposes.

Mohawks can add an extra splash of personality and are the ultimate statement piece. By customizing it with colors or adding unique details like shaving patterns into its sides, your mohawk will stand out among its counterparts and create its own individuality.

Buzz Cut

Men who wear buzz cuts are showing their masculinity by opting for this classic look that enhances their features while conveying strength. A typical example is seen among members of the military, bodybuilders, and fitness instructors who desire an understated yet commanding appearance that emphasizes their features and projects an impressive image.

Longer haired individuals can make their style stand out by adding designs and patterns that bring attention to it. This adds an eye-catching element that makes their style even more identifiable than before.

Textured Fringe

Clients searching for an eye-catching style to express themselves should consider textured fringe as an effective solution. This audacious look perfectly marries voluminous texture on top with clean mid-taper sides to offer a balanced aesthetic that stands out.

Modern variations on classic pompadours such as this textured version can be ideal for clients with facial hair like beards and mustaches, particularly men with rounder faces. Furthermore, this style can add volume without having to commit to an entire haircut change.

Disconnected Pompadour

A disconnected pompadour features a short grade 1 to 3 fade on the back and sides with longer hair stacked atop, creating a visual break between these lengths that emphasizes its signature pompadour style. This creates more visual interest.

This style is perfect for men who want to stand out while maintaining a more subdued aesthetic, and requires less upkeep than classic pompadour styles – making it the ideal solution for busy professionals with limited free time.

This haircut is ideal for men with medium to long hair and works great when combined with any facial hair – for maximum impact, we suggest pairing this style with either a beard or mustache for optimal results.


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