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Men’s hairstyles come in all forms imaginable, from sleek short cuts to rugged faux hawks. Finding balance in your look is key; adding some style with an attractive side part or sleek backstyle will boost confidence and elevate any ensemble.

Rectangular or oblong face shapes require hair styles that emphasize their sharp features, such as a textured pompadour with either a high or medium fade.


A classic crew cut is an effortless look that works well across different styles and face shapes. However, for square face shapes we suggest keeping the hair short and traditional (no pompadours or faux hawks). This will elongate the face.

Regulation cut or military haircut is another great solution for those with thin hair, as this style features a fade that works well with most beard shapes and can cover early male pattern baldness. Experimenting with different styling products such as paste, pomade and wax may help find your ideal look.


Men with medium hair can try out a stylish slick back that frames their face beautifully. Speak to your barber about adding texture on top while still keeping a casual and cool aesthetic with faded sides and back for the ideal windswept style.

A textured pompadour is another trendy look suitable for men with medium hair. When combined with either a low or high fade, it creates an aggressive yet masculine style that looks great on most faces.

The curtain mullet is an increasingly fashionable men’s hairstyle. This look combines sophistication and ease, featuring longer center-parted bangs.


No matter if you are an ambitious businessman or laid-back surfer, a great male hairstyle has an enormously positive effect on those around you – particularly women! Use our comprehensive guide of face shapes and hairstyles to find a style that best reflects who you are as a man as well as your goals and ambitions.

If your face shape resembles an oval or diamond, most long hairstyles will suit you well. A classic look would include a long (ish), slick back with clean undercut, fade, taper or taper haircuts to exude masculine power and style; beard or moustache can complete this look and guarantee to turn heads.


Spiked hair is a stylish and edgy style that can be worn in multiple ways. To achieve the style, simply mix medium length sides and back hair with burst fade around the ears, pairing longer locks on top for spikes. To get this look simply apply small amounts of gel or pomade to create messy spikes and finish them off with strong hold hair spray for ultimate effect.

An imposing and confident appearance can be conveyed with the use of a spiky faux hawk. With short buzzed sides and long upward spikes that form its base, this look suits professional environments as well as casual events.


Men often opt for fade haircuts due to their low maintenance needs, versatility, and ability to create the illusion of fullness. Not all fade styles work for every man though and some styles may accentuate bald spots or thin locks; listen closely to what your barber suggests!

Low skin fades are an effective and attractive style to achieve. Short hair gradually shortens to meet the scalp in a non-linear fashion, creating an appealing fade that complements any length of hair and can even be tailored specifically to meet individual tastes.

High taper fades are ideal for medium and long styles as they provide more of a natural transition from top to sides, as well as emphasizing facial features.

Side Part

Side Part Haircut – Never Going Out of Fashion! A timeless classic, the side part hairstyle adds sophistication and polish to your appearance. Pair it with formal attire such as suits for a dapper appearance, or pair it casually with jeans and T-shirts for more relaxed attire.

This hairstyle works wonders on many lengths and textures of hair, providing volume to fine strands while working beautifully with both curly or wavy locks.

If you have long hair, consider trying a deep side part to give it more structure and refine its style. This style looks especially great when combined with sheeny pomade or hair gel for a Mad Men-esque look that’s great for red carpet events and date nights alike.


For an effortless casual look that’s quick and simple to style, a classic crew cut with short beard can make an excellent statement. Keep the sides and back trimmed close while leaving the top loosely slicked down using styling paste for an impressive appearance.

Women love Hollywood alpha male action stars who sport bald heads, so don’t be afraid to rock this trending style yourself! Just make sure your chosen hairstyle complements both your face shape and personality.


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