What Hair Styles For Teenage Guys Are Right For You?

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Hair Styles For Teenage Guys

What Hair Styles For Teenage Guys Are Right For You?

Hair styles for teenage guys come in a wide variety of choices. From side parted, too curly to shaved. With so many options, how do you decide which one is right for you? Here are some suggestions:

For a guy who is straight as an arrow and has wavy hair; a curly hair cut is perfect. This will help to keep that natural look. However, if the hair is curly, a coiled hair style may work best. Curly hair is easily tame and can be styled to fit the style of your choice. Hair styles for teenage guys can be anything from this.

For a boy who has curly hair, whether wavy or straight; the wavy style will do best. For boys with curly hair; a layered hair style is best. Some would even say, the slicked back look. These hair styles have a sleek look to them.

For a boy who has tight curly hair; a slicked back hair style will work best. The hair can be brushed over the head. This will not only cover up any lumps or bumps, but will also give the hair a really cool and sleek look. A high fade, low fade, and bangs are all good choices here.

For a boy who is normally straight and has dry hair; a low fade style is the way to go. Low fades, high fades, or short at the top can all work for a guy with dry hair. Long straight hair can be styled as long as it falls to the shoulders. Allowing for all the layers to fall the hair will create a cooler and more subtle look.

For boys who are usually either curly or wavy; a simple style with a cut is perfect. Smooth off the waves or curls. This is not only easy on the scalp but will give a smooth look. Simple styles will also add some pizzazz to your hair.

Hair for teenage guys comes in a variety of styles. This will help when trying to decide which style will be right for you. Try these suggestions and see what fits your personality.


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