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The latest military hair cuts for men have been a hit with soldiers for quite some time now. The benefits of going commando up top are easily apparent, so whether you’re thinking of getting one for yourself or to adorn someone else, the obvious advantages are apparent. So, before you go march yourself out to the local barber, take a look at this edit of some of the more popular military haircuts.

The basic military cut is all about cutting straight across the top of your head. This is perfect for those with a high forehead, because it leaves the sides of their heads bare but looks cool and professional. It also helps hide those mohawk-like sideburns, as they will appear completely natural and not out of place. You can always shave your hair off and keep it short if you want.

Another version of the basic military haircut is the shag cut. This haircut is designed to leave the sides of your head uncovered but yet still looks neat and well-groomed. This look goes well with an olive green shirt or a dark blazer. However, it works particularly well with a white shirt or light colored blazer.

The military haircuts for men that include a beard and short in-line hair are perfect for anyone who prefers to keep it clean but still looks smart. This kind of haircut goes well with a khaki-colored t-shirt or a light blue button-up shirt. It also works well with dark colors, such as black or charcoal.

For those who are looking to cut short but not so short but still look good, the military haircuts for men feature a short length with bangs that cover just the upper part of your forehead, leaving a clean line on the top and side of your head. The bangs will be straight and close to the top of your forehead so they won’t obstruct vision while still looking professional.

The best thing about the military haircuts for men is that they come in a variety of styles and they can be done to fit your own personal style and preferences. When you go to get a haircut for a friend or family member, ask them for advice on the style that’s right for them so you can match it with your own look.

The military haircuts for men have different textures and shades of texture. The short, straight hair is one of the most popular choices for military haircuts but the longer hair that have some layers and is in some way textured can look really good as well.

You should always think about what you want to do with your military haircuts before you get them. Sometimes the haircut will make you look a little better with your skin tone. and you may have better luck with one style than with another. You can always go to a stylist who specializes in military haircuts and ask them for a recommendation of something that will look good on you.


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