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One of the most famous brands in the world, Pacinos hair styling products have come a long way from their humble beginnings as a New Zealand store. The original Pacinos originated in the town of Te Aro and were created by the Waverley family, which also owns the world famous soft drink brand Coca Cola. Waverley invented the process of distillation that would eventually be used to create the special natural colouring agent, Sodium bicarbonate.

Pacinos was born out of the promise of Waverley’s vision of a company dedicated to providing quality hair styling products, to all their loyal customers. As the years passed, this promise grew into the promise of bringing out the best in the beauty industry.

These days, Pacinos hair styling products are manufactured in New Zealand, but still allow the unique qualities of nature to be utilised to produce the highest quality products. With the delicate nature of every strand of hair, the continual use of high quality ingredients is essential to ensure the strands remain healthy and strong.

Pacinos hair styling products combine safe and gentle chemicals with natural plant-based ingredients that ensure the stylist has the utmost confidence that they can perform the job safely and effectively. All Pacinos products are completely fragrance free, and are tested to be 100% safe for use with both wet and dry hair.

If you are looking for a product range that covers many of the bases, Pacinos offers two great ranges of blow dryers, both made from stainless steel and the same high quality steel coils. All Pacinos blow dryers are made to fit into a wide range of models, and is always a safe and effective styling tool.

Pacinos still offers a range of dyes, but only offer two different colours, which ensures the stylist can choose the right one to match the colour of the hair and make the hair look natural. The dyes for both of the colours have been developed by renowned cosmetic scientists and are guaranteed to look and smell natural, without any unwelcome aftertastes.

Pacinos also offers professional grade hair straighteners and comes in all of the latest design and style of irons, such as the Metalliner Series. The professional grade quality of these straighteners ensures that you are protected from all of the unnecessary nicks and cuts that could occur if you were to use the average everyday iron.

Pacinos hair styling products are available in the following styling tools: flat irons, ceramic flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, curling tools, hair straighteners, metallic straighteners, heat protectant straighteners, blow dried hair and thermal straighteners. All of the Pacinos products are guaranteed to help you have a beautiful hair, and will leave you with no unpleasant side effects or unwanted after tastes.


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