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Best Beard Styles For Men

The Best Beard Styles For Men

You would think that after a few hours of searching that there are a lot of available beard styles for men. This isn’t the case, though. While many of the many options you might find on your search engine would be acceptable, this doesn’t mean they are all suitable for the perfect beard.

To get the most out of a beard, it is important to choose something that doesn’t overwhelm your face. While a choppy cut might look good, if you have a great personality and don’t want to draw attention to your facial hair, then you should stick with the more classic, natural looking look. Here are some of the best beard styles for men, which offer you the best of both worlds.

Short Bob Hairstyles For Men – A short bob has been around for years. It can be an interesting look, as it isn’t the only nut out there. In fact, it is the oldest one in the book, but it’s versatile and would make a great addition to any style.

The Fade Technique – This style is a good combination of a mustache and a hair cut. It’s simple and clean, without looking over the top and bland. The length works well with a professional, or you could try a medium, long version if you are feeling more confident.

V-Shaped Style – Just because your idea of a handsome beard is a short, wide neck, doesn’t mean it has to look like a boring v-shaped. With a sharp cut and some body in it, a neck v-shaped will make anyone else drool over you. The thinning out of the neck can work well for both a more masculine look and a more casual one.

Classic Shaved Cut – If you are a guy who has ever had a buzz cut, you have probably seen a classicshaved look. While it may not be the most flattering of styles, it’s still a very versatile one. The cutting off of all the facial hair will definitely get attention, but you can also take it down a notch with a side part or go totally bald with a shaver.

A basic style for men with short beard, the ‘conical’ is a great option. In terms of the classic cut, this style looks similar to a buzz cut, only without the long fringe. Not the most comfortable of looks, the conical is ideal for work or other business events.

No matter what style you decide on, finding a classic hairstyle is easy. By having a look that is basic and functional, you can be confident about your appearance and not worry about what others think. Choose a style that matches your personality and look, and you will be happy with your new look.


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