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For an elegant and sophisticated appearance, opt for a high and tight fade with textured top. This style exudes effortless style!

Leave enough length on top for your barber to play with and add lots of texture with pre styling products such as Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to help hold it better. This will help the style last longer.

Short Textured Quiff

Quiffs come in various styles. While some prefer sleek and slicked-back (think Eddie Redmayne), others opt for a more rugged natural finish that lets their texture speak for itself. Finding one to fit your personal taste and face shape is key – shorter sides work wonders at elongating rounder faces while longer lengths may bulk out thinner ones.

This version of the quiff takes a classic, short haircut and adds heavier texture on top for an on-trend style that can go from boardroom to night out and can even be reworked at any time, depending on your length of hair. A reworkable hair paste or clay is best to achieve this look as it allows you to easily shape it to achieve the desired quiff shape; sea salt spray is also beneficial in providing additional grip to the style.

Short Textured Crop

Short textured crops are the go-to men’s haircut for those who enjoy rugged charm with contemporary flair. From worn messy for a laid back style to being slicked forward with some hair gel for extra volume and shaping, this versatile cut fits seamlessly into every man’s lifestyle.

This style can be tailored to each individual’s hairline, as the blunt cut fringe can be tailored close to their head to conceal signs of thinning hair while maintaining an attractive and confident appearance. Additionally, this works particularly well for men experiencing hair thinning as the fringe can sit closer to their head to hide thinning signs while creating a fashionable yet confident appearance.

Always bring a photo of the Textured Crop you would like as this will avoid any miscommunication at the barbershop and ensure they fully comprehend your desired style. In addition, tapering or fading might give a more defined finish that helps sit flat against your head.

Long Textured Crop

With the right haircut, men can quickly create a Textured Crop hair style. Suitable for all types of hair and easy to style in various ways, it makes a popular choice among those wanting to look dapper while helping conceal thin or receding hairlines.

Brush it forward for a debonair look or use strong hold hair gel to achieve this look. A messy textured crop provides more rugged and casual wear; while those who seek precision and sophistication should go for neat textured crop.

To achieve a modern yet natural-looking haircut, ask your barber or hairdresser to point cut lots of texture into the length of your hair starting at a medium fade on back and sides. Next, work some Regal Gentleman Matte Clay into areas needing additional texture – this will produce an authentic natural finish while keeping your locks in shape all day long!

Textured Curls

Expert tips, transformative cuts and specialty styling products can all help to give curly locks more volume and texture. Here’s how you can achieve it for yourself.

No matter the shape or style of your curls, there is an appropriate way to style them. Consistent conditioning and moisture is key for managing textured hair successfully; adding lightweight leave-in conditioner can give your locks grip while supporting them throughout the day.

Try the Pattern Leave-In Conditioner, designed specifically to support curly locks. Packed with essential botanical oils designed to nourish coils and kinky strands.

Add texture to your curly locks by lifting horizontal sections at the crown and spraying with texturizing spray. This helps maintain wavy texture during styling for an incredible textured summer pony or updo look! Pair this look with skin fades for a clean yet edgy vibe.


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