With the rise of men’s fashion consciousness, the top has always been one of the most defining features of a man’s hairstyle. Although the appearance of the top alone is not enough to create an appealing look, the textured top and beard hair styles can certainly lend some much needed edginess to the look. In fact, some have even begun to combine the top with the beard in order to further bring out the edgier appearance. However, although this is by no means the only way to achieve this combination, it is a trend that has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

Textured Top and Beard Hair Styles

The top and beards are also quite commonly used as part of a traditional men’s hairstyle. Of course, they are much easier to obtain in larger sizes, which makes it far easier to style than the more standard styles. Of course, in addition to the classic top and beards, men also have the option of using fringed, twisted, or mixed up top hair styles. This is particularly useful when the hair on the top of the head is very curly or frizzy. When these conditions are present, the top hair styles can easily be textured so that they fit more tightly together, thus taking away from the frizz and providing a sleeker appearance overall.

Although they do not offer the same versatility as their foil or multi-purpose counterparts, multi-style hair styles can definitely still be quite attractive. When you take out your styling tools, there are a number of different styles you can try out. If you wish to create the appearance of layers, you can use a number of different lengths and layers, whilst keeping the edginess of your hair in mind. These hair styles can also help to add some height when combined with the right type of glasses or barrette.


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