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Add texture to a classic short bob with sandy highlights for a modern, effortless style. The added volume and frame that texture gives creates creates chic yet timeless results.

A textured cut is ideal for thick hair as it highlights volume while requiring minimal styling (though regular trims will still be necessary). Try pairing this look with either a skin fade or short quiff for maximum impact.

Messy Pixie

For an effortless feminine style, ask your stylist to give you a messy pixie cut. Unlike traditional pixie cuts, this style features an undercut with more length up top. Wear this hairstyle slick back for evening occasions or use texture powder for casual, lived-in finishes. Additionally, its choppy shape shows off any nape tattoos for a unique and fun appearance!

Add bangs to your pixie for face-framing wisps that complement heart and oblong-shaped faces, adding depth and emphasizing natural wave patterns. A textured finish adds depth while emphasizing natural wave patterns.

This style works best on thick hair and styling paste or pomade can be used to give shorter sections some form. Or use sea salt spray on the ends for an easy way to maintain this wavy texture without over-saturating them with oil. Overall this haircut requires minimal styling, yet regular trims.

Shaggy Bob

Layered bobs can be an easy way to update a classic cut and add flair. This particular one boasts an eye-framing side-swept fringe and some swooshes of peekaboo hair around the face for added drama – and will leave you feeling ultra-feminine!

If you have fine hair texture, a shaggy bob with disconnected layers and short bangs will help your mane appear thicker and fuller. This textured style comes in brown hue with some brilliant blonde highlights for added dimension and shine.

Try a casual, boho look with a two-toned shaggy bob featuring long, wavy bangs for a more bohemian and casual appeal. This two-toned style is perfect for brunettes who wish to add a splash of color and flair, showing how shaggy haircuts can be tailored specifically to individual styles or personalities.

Beach Blonde

Attracted by the beach-bleached tousled look of textured bobs? A fantastic way to add color without spending all day outdoors is with blonde balayage – this technique involves painting on different shades of medium and light blonde to achieve a sun-kissed effect.

To prevent their sandy hue from going brassy, recommend your client use our Cool Blonde shampoo and conditioner, designed with violet pigments, orchid flower extract and kukui nuts to neutralize brassiness and enhance tone. In addition, encourage them to reach for a brightening shine spray to instantly hydrate and illuminate their locks.

These short textured haircuts are low maintenance. To minimize styling time even further, pair your textured pixie or layered bob with curtain bangs to increase volume and create a polished style.

Razored Bob

Razor cut bobs offer your clients a modern, textured style. This angled cut features long layers and longer side bangs for face framing vibes; perfect for those with curly or wavy hair! To add even more texture, try texturizing powder or mousse.

This blonde textured bob is the epitome of effortless beauty. The layered style creates movement while its platinum blonde hue stands out in any crowd. Perfect for anyone seeking a sophisticated short hairstyle that’s easy to maintain, pair it with curtain bangs that perfectly graze eyebrows and eyes for extra flair and use a texture paste or scrunching dry texture spray for low maintenance styling. Black hair also benefits from having its natural movement celebrated through textured bobs like this beautiful short spiky one; pair this beautiful style with long bangs for an irresistibly chic look that won’t ever go out of fashion!


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