You can try a low fade or high fade haircut if you are a man. In a low fade haircut, the skin would be very low and start around a third of the way up the head. It’s the perfect look for a gentlemen who doesn’t want to go too short or too long. The side and back can also be styled to be very short or full. If you have short hair, you can get a high fade and maintain the low hair.

Skin Fade and Hair Design

If you have long hair, you can also try a skin fade. This will give you an edge over your friends with short hair and a stylish update. This type of hairstyle is on-trend, clean and mature. You can experiment with a high or low fade, depending on your personal taste and hair type. A high skin fade is perfect for a short style. The top locks will remain in place, but the sides will be razor-shaved.

A low skin fade is a subtler option than a high skin fade. A low skin fade reveals the skin around the ears. It can also be combined with a blowout. The barber will shave the sides and back into the skin fade, leaving a few centimeters of length on top. Then, he will use a round barrel brush to pull the hair upward. This style will make you look neat and mature.

The high skin fade is a very hip choice, especially if you have long, wavy hair. A high skin fade can also look cool with a messy side-swept style and a beard. This look can be complemented with a short, textured crop. For a more dramatic look, combine the high skin fade with a side-swept cut and a beard. If you have long, straight hair, a high skin fade is perfect for you.

There are many different types of skin fades, but the classic is the most common one. This hairstyle is the most basic type, which is also called zero or bald fade. A high skin fade is the most basic kind of skin fade, and can be used alone or in combination with other fades. It is best for men with shorter hair. A low skin fade makes the face look thinner and adds interest. A low skin fade is a great style for a man with long or wavy hair.

A low skin fade is much more subtle than the standard style and can be combined with a blowout. For a low skin fade, the barber shaves the sides and back of the hair into the skin fade while leaving a few centimeters of length on top. A high skin fade is best suited to short hair, as it leaves the top hair standard and transitions to shaved sides below the line of hair.


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