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A tapered cut gradually changes your hair length from top to sides and back, leaving the top longer than both sides and back of your head. It works best on darker locks since contrasting colours help demonstrate this drastic difference in length change.

No matter if it is sleeked back with a product or left undone and messy, this style always looks chic for any event.

Tapered Side Soft-part Styles

Side Part with Taper, one of the timeless men’s hairstyles, is an essential smart casual staple. Combining traditional and contemporary techniques, this look allows for maximum versatility when dressing up or down depending on the occasion. For casual settings use matte pomade while for more formal events try Foam Tonic for polished results.

The classic side part is ideal for medium-length hair. For something even more formal, try the hard side-part (ivy league taper), which involves shaving a line into your skin to clearly separate your locks. Or experiment with neckline taper – which involves both sharp side parts and low undercuts!


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