Side Part & Mid Fade Boots are the latest fad in footwear. They have been designed with a unique style and concept that set them apart from the rest. This is why, they were originally designed for the people in the fast growing cities of Malaga and Mallorca. The boots would help the users to deal with the hot summers and the cold winters.

The boots from the brand were initially marketed in partnership with the famous Malaga retailer Fari Estrella. The brand has since moved on to a number of major European retailers, such as La Sociedad and La Goulada. In fact, the Spanish Government had approved the brand to produce and export the Side Part & Mid Fade for the Spanish people, as well as to cater for the needs of the high school students in Spain, who had requested for such footwear. The design was originally conceived by a young Malaga based designer named Antonio lateral. His idea was to design a type of boot that was able to provide both comfort and good performance while still maintaining a contemporary feel.

Side part & mid fade boots from the brand had a very simple design, that incorporated a dual front panel featuring a high-rise and a low-rise region. These features enabled the full-grain leather upper to breathe, preventing perspiration from forming on the surface of the material. The side part of the boot was also given a simple stitch work and chain stitch, which added a modern touch to the design. This style was very successful and its popularity increased even further as the years went by.


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