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When selecting short mens hair styles, there are plenty of options to choose from. When determining what works best for your face shape and how it can be styled to reflect your personal taste, take into account what looks best on you.

For example, the high and tight style is a timeless military-inspired cut that requires minimal upkeep and effort. Not only that, but it works great on most face shapes while being adaptable to different hair textures and types as well.

Comb over with a high fade

The classic men’s hairstyle of the comb over with high fade haircut remains popular today. It looks great with varying lengths on top, undercuts, or even a hard part line.

Comb overs are also an excellent option for men experiencing hairline recesion. Comb overs can conceal your receding browline while giving you a stylish new look.

A comb over can be achieved with either a low or high fade, so discuss your preferences with your barber. A low fade is perfect for getting a fresh look without going too short on the back and sides, while a high fade gives your hair more of an elegant and sophisticated graduation.

Bowl cut

The bowl cut is a timeless style that has never gone out of fashion. This shape creates an ideal circle around the forehead that can be kept neat and trim or tousled for more casual looks.

This haircut’s top section is longer than the rest, giving it an edgy and high-fashion vibe perfect for guys with short hair. Additionally, those looking to go longer at the back without sacrificing side length should consider this style.

This fashionable mens haircut is an updated take on the classic curtains cut that was popular in the 90s. It features a fade on both sides and some fringe at the top that have seen a surge in popularity over the last year.

Buzz cut

A buzz cut is one of the easiest short mens hair styles to maintain and has long been a go-to choice for busy guys who want to look good without making much effort. Additionally, men with oval or oblong face shapes can benefit from this hair style as it helps balance proportions while emphasizing their jawlines and cheekbones.

The classic buzz cut has evolved from its military origins into a dapper fashion statement for any man looking to keep his appearance simple and uncluttered. This versatile style works well on all face shapes and looks great when paired with beards or other facial hairstyles.

The quiff is a stylish short hairstyle for men that draws inspiration from both pompadour and flattop haircuts of the 1950s, yet requires considerably less upkeep. It works especially well on thin or fine hair as it emphasizes both length and texture for an impressive aesthetic.

Finger waves

If you’re searching for a low-maintenance hairdo that stands out from your standard buzz cut, the Finger waves haircut might be just what the doctor ordered. It has become one of the most sought-after short mens hair styles in recent years and for good reason; regular trims and styling products keep tresses looking fabulous. Plus, only needing to visit your salon once will give you exactly the style you desire!

With the right stylist, this sleek and tidy style can be a real show-stopper. But if you’re short on time or funds, your local expert can always create the ideal short hairdo tailored for your needs.

Peaky Blinders haircut

Peaky Blinders is a British crime drama that has won over fans with its captivating storylines, entertaining plotlines and stylish hairstyles of its characters. This series has revolutionized the gangster genre in the eyes of its viewers.

Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) sports a cool short haircut that looks masculine and edgy. It has shaved sides which draw attention to his top hair, which appears thicker and fuller.

Arthur Shelby offers a disconnected undercut with feathered sides that is both easy to style and looks polished. This style can be easily maintained for the office.

The side part is a timeless style that’s suitable for any special occasion. To achieve this style, use strong hold pomade or wax to keep your hair in place.


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