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Short Haircut Cut Styles For Men

Men’s short hair styles offer more than simply a buzz cut: choose from stylish, high-fashion options like the Edgar haircut (which features tapered layers with high skin fade) or add texture for an updated shorter style.

Butch cuts are timeless styles that suit oval, diamond and square facial structures well. It features closely cropped back and sides paired with a pushed forward fringe.

The Buzz Cut

One of the coolest short hairstyles for men, this versatile buzz cut allows for endless styling possibilities and is suitable for all hair textures. Popular among celebrities, the buzz cut can also provide a sleek, brushed-back appearance; plus it can easily be styled back using products such as Fatboy’s Perfect Putty ($21).

To add some modernity, choose a faded buzz cut with longer lengths on top that can be styled either up into a pompadour or left loose and falling to one side – creating a sophisticated yet fashionable style suitable for any outfit and drawing attention to any beards or moustaches you may have! This style also highlights your face while drawing attention away from any beards or moustaches on display.

The Taper

A taper cut can be an ideal style choice for men with thin hair as it makes your locks appear fuller and thicker. Featuring short sides that fade out into a thin fringe at the front, it can be styled using styling wax or clay for an undulated texture look.

Add texture to your haircut for a layered style that accentuates facial features while making you appear more mature and sophisticated.

Taper and fade styles are timeless favorites among men. Their adaptability to any hair texture makes them great choices to show off facial features like eyebrows. Pair it with any suit to look chic!

The Slicked Back

Slick back hair is a timeless classic style that exudes masculinity and confidence, yet can be tricky to pull off successfully without appearing oily or overdone. Achieve this look requires high-quality products and regular maintenance in order to avoid looking unruly or dirty.

This short haircut for men with thin hair is an ideal solution for creating an eye-catching style without too much maintenance work required to keep it looking its best. Pair this look with a five o’clock shadow and you have yourself an effective and professional appearance!

To achieve this look, begin by applying hair pomade or wax. Comb it back straight with a wide-toothed comb before setting with hairspray for extra hold and adding some shine-boosting oils for that added bit of oomph!

The Mohawk

Mohawks are versatile styles. While other looks might be associated with rebellious and edgy looks, mohawks can be tailored for professional environments – IT gurus, sales experts, etc can all wear this hairstyle effortlessly with help from an expert stylist who can add classiness and sophistication.

The mohawk, also referred to as an iro or mohican (though more closely resembling that worn by Pawnee than Iroquois, from whom it takes its name), has long been popular and worn by people from various walks of life – ranging from 600 BCE Scythian warriors and World War II American paratroopers.

Before getting a mohawk cut, it is advisable to consult a trusted barber or hairstylist. A professional stylist will assess both your facial structure and head size before suggesting an ideal cut that matches both.

The Ivy League

Few can dispute that everyone around them has heard of Ivy League schools. Renowned colleges that adhere to stringent admissions requirements and boast longstanding reputations of excellence, these eight Ivy League institutions command global respect.

Ivy League hair boasts an iconic preppy aesthetic that goes well with any fashion statement. This men’s haircut features a tidy side parting with a dramatic swoop of choppy locks at the crown for added drama – making this style suitable for men who wish to showcase their natural texture.

The Ivy League haircut is ideal for men who appreciate minimal, clean-cut styles. Pair this short hairstyle with an innovative feature, such as shaved geometric designs or patterns to give it an updated look. Additionally, this style works well when combined with fades on both back and sides for optimal results.


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