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If you prefer keeping things minimal and sleek, try the short comb-over haircut. Use a light hold styling product for optimal results and enjoy a professional-looking result.

The fade hairstyle is another popular option among men’s haircuts, offering more styling choices than the buzz cut such as low, medium and high fades as well as temple, skin and burst fades.

1. Buzzcut

Men who opt for a tapered buzz cut can enjoy both low maintenance and stylish results. It works great with slick-backs, side parts, crops and line-ups and makes for the ideal look at professional events or social gatherings alike.

As with a suit, a well-cut buzz cut suits men of all ages and can help to bring out their unique features. Additionally, regular trims and dye jobs will keep it looking its best!

2. Crew Cut

Men who prefer low maintenance styles often opt for the ever-so-versatile crew cut. Furthermore, this style can help hide thinning hair by keeping the top shorter and showing more skin.

The High and Tight crew cut provides a military-inspired style that’s both classic and contemporary. Add texture with gel or pomade for maximum impact!

3. Fade

Fades begin low, mid, or high on the head and taper towards a skin-to-hair line, creating an inverted V shape. They work particularly well when styled as clean crew cuts; however they also look great with more unconventional hair styles like pompadours or quiffs.

Low taper fades are designed to emphasize your jawline while providing for longer top. Less noticeable than high fades, they create a gentler contrast between hair and facial features.

4. Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut is a timeless classic that exudes sophistication and class, ideal for men looking to project an image of professionalism while easily customizable for individual styling preferences.

Texturing the top can make styling simpler, and tapered fades are great at concealing receding hairlines. Additionally, this haircut works well with beards.

5. Undercut with Quilt

Men with shorter hair can achieve an authoritative style by pairing a solid crop cup with either an undercut or fade. This combination gives them an eye-catching style that exudes power.

This fresh style works particularly well on square or oblong face shapes. A pomade or gel may provide sleek results; alternatively, try clay or wax for texture.

6. Short Sides Long Top

Short on the sides and long on top is an elegant combination of classic masculinity and contemporary style, easily maintained through regular barber visits and use of hair gel.

Add a hard part for an exquisite contrast between your side-swept hair and scalp, helping boost volume and enhance your quiff while hiding early-onset hair loss or thinning. This men’s haircut may even help conceal early hair thinning or balding!

7. Five O’Clock Shadow

For an effortless classic manly look, consider sporting a five o’clock shadow. This timeless style makes a bold statement without overshadowing other features on your face – simply make sure that it is regularly maintained by trimming every few days and cleaning up around the neck for the sharpest finish possible.

Your facial hair growth depends largely on genetics; trimming it too short could result in unruly and scruffy results.

8. Five O’Clock Shadow with Blowout

There’s something strikingly handsome about a five o’clock shadow beard that makes its wearer standout, making this style perfect for men whose facial hair grows slowly.

For an eye-catching side part, apply some styling cream directly onto the wet strands before brushing them into place with your comb. Achieve this dramatic side-parted look is easy. Simply apply a dab to each wet strand, wait a moment until they dry, and comb them into position before styling cream is added and let dry naturally.

9. Five O’Clock Shadow with Undercut

Men with naturally wavy hair can elevate their natural texture with the five o’clock shadow look, featuring fade and undercut elements for an eye-catching style that’s both fashionable and easy to maintain.

Perfect for prim and proper gentlemen, this look combines a high skin fade into a classic Caesar cut. Complete this classic style by applying strong-hold wet look product.

10. Five O’Clock Shadow with Blowout

Possessing a five o’clock shadow can be appealing for most men. It adds a touch of rugged charm while remaining subtly masculine.

For this beard style, keeping it well-shaped is key. Shave below the beard neckline and use an All Purpose Styler beard trimmer as an effective means of doing this.


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