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Men’s short haircuts are an expression of style, combining timeless class with contemporary trends. Ranging from classic high fades to textured crops, these cuts will keep your mane fresh all year long.

Low skin fade cuts with some length on top can suit most face shapes, and especially flatter those with round or square features, adding height and keeping their features in harmony.

Edgar Cut with Low Bald Fade

The Edgar cut with a low bald fade is a stylish, sophisticated modern haircut featuring longer length on top and shortening to short in back and sides. The Edgar cut’s defined lines and structured silhouette is particularly suitable for square, oval and angular face shapes; you can style this look various ways – its signature straight fringe is typically brushed forward to create a strong line across the forehead.

The classic Edgar is an eye-catching style worn by celebrities like Zayn Malik and Drake, making a bold style statement with its higher taper that emphasizes cheekbones and jawlines. Pair this look with beard shaves or fades for maximum impact!

Curly Edgar variations add depth and texture to a sleek Edgar haircut. Simply ask your barber to create a high bald fade that exposes skin at the back and sides, then keep top hair curly using pomade for maximum contrast.

Side Part

Before middle parts were the standard in men’s hairstyles, side parts were something to be proud of. From iconic pop stars such as Britney Spears to Disney Channel stars, having an off-center fringe indicated you knew how to carry yourself with poise and confidence.

Today, side parts are experiencing something of a revival among celebrities such as Blake Lively, America Ferrera and Gen Z It Girl Sydney Sweeney who have all been seen sporting them. This stylish look can add sophistication to your style!

If you’re in search of a semi short haircut that can accommodate many facial structures and hair types, the side part is an ideal option for trying something different. Depending on its styling options, this men’s hairstyle can range from old Hollywood glamour to trendy takes on pompadour styles; soft yet full volume options make this perfect for both formal events as well as informal occasions.

Crew Cut

If you want a stylish haircut despite thinned out locks, a versatile crew cut may be ideal. This versatile cut can be tailored specifically to your facial structure and features.

A classic crew cut features short sides and back hair with longer locks on top that can be styled according to your preference – you could spike up, comb over, or add texture. This versatile haircut works well for many face shapes and is easy to maintain; making this style suitable for any event or special occasion.

If you’re considering getting a crew cut, it is advisable to have some reference images handy so you can describe exactly what you want when visiting the barber. This will save time and ensure your new haircut matches exactly your vision. Men who opt for a crew cut should invest in high-quality hairstyling products like pomade or wax to help keep their locks in place throughout the day.

Textured Crop

Modern men strive to look fashionable and stylish, and one way of accomplishing this goal is with a haircut that showcases your natural style while remaining simple to maintain. A great semi short hairstyle for this is the textured crop – not too short on the back and sides with an attractive fade or skin fade on top that offers ample length for styling purposes. This semi short haircut works well for almost all facial structures as well as all hair types – curly, straight or otherwise!

The textured crop haircut is the epitome of sophisticated chic and modern charm, perfect for all occasions and hair types alike. To maximize this highly adaptable style, select a low or mid skin fade as well as an effortless-looking blunt cut fringe with high texture to complete this timeless look. Finally add matte or low shine styling products for an effortlessly stylish and relaxing finish!


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