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Scissors Over Comb hair cut For Men

Scissor over comb is an effective method for creating short and tapered cuts without using clippers. By holding the comb securely in place and using your knuckles as length guides, this approach ensures accurate results.

Advanced barbering techniques take haircuts to the next level by adding precision, control, and seamless blending to each haircut. From detailing to point cutting, these advanced techniques ensure professional results for a polished appearance.


Scissor Over Comb Barbering is an advanced barbering technique which utilizes both quality barber shears and a comb in conjunction with each other for uniform layering, tapering or graduation of hair. Mastery requires practice and patience but the results can be remarkable.

Scissor over comb methods provide not only precise yet soft cutting results, but can also be used to define shapes around the sides of the head or create looks with tapering nape and cheek areas. Ideal for creating shapes like these.

To master the scissor over comb technique, it’s essential to possess high-quality barber shears with finer points that are sharp and long-lasting. A fine point will assist with detailed work while helping reduce hair damage. Furthermore, keeping a steady hand can be achieved by positioning your pinkie finger on a client’s head to help control both hands simultaneously while providing stability to both comb and blade hands.


The scissor over comb technique enables barbers to create an array of hairstyles with this approach, using a comb for guidance and shears for trimming. A quality pair of shears with suitable blade sizes and designs are key in order to obtain precise results.

Use of the comb can make styling a comb over fade haircut easier. Nguyen suggests starting by applying a dime-sized amount of styling product to hydrate the hair and prevent flyaways, before texturizing spray for volume boost and finishing with either clay/paste for matte look or high hold pomade for classic shine.

Try @duplexbarbershop’s eye-catching skin fade comb over for an elegant and modern take on the classic comb over look! Featuring both low fades and medium length top styles, it makes this stunning style ideal for men with round or square faces.

Scissor Hand

Scissor cuts are an increasingly popular technique of men’s haircuts that involve using scissors rather than clippers to cut hair, providing more gradual transition between different lengths of locks and often used as an alternative to harsh skin fades commonly found today.

Qualified barbers and stylists employ this technique as it offers more freedom in shaping client hair to their desired looks without restrictions or limitations.

For optimal scissor cuts, long scissor blades are best. Short ones may get in the way of your hand and result in an unintended choppier finish. A comb also plays an essential part as it lifts hair so you can see where to cut, as well as helping prevent horizontal steps during cutting – it is wiser to work quickly in order to prevent mistakes from arising.

Blade Hand

Scissor over comb is one of the most versatile barbering techniques, offering short tapered cuts without clippers.

To perform the scissor over comb technique, begin by holding the comb in your dominant hand close to the head. Next, hold shears in your other hand and use the comb as a guide when shaping the haircut – make sure not to get your fingers caught between these scissors as this could obstruct their path of cut.

Lift each section vertically or diagonally when lifting each section to prevent horizontal steps forming in the hair and ensure each cut is consistent throughout its length. Furthermore, each cut must be made at a specific elevation – low elevation builds weight and leans out a shape while high elevation releases it and adds length – an important tip when cutting men’s hair.


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