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Today many men are sporting a full beard or a short one. There are many different long beard styles and some of the most popular are the pate, the hache, the shag, the side-parted, the loop, the buzz, the Nautilus, the Mohawk, the Fade, the Mohawk Sable, the rounded back and the front-parted.

A buzz cut is considered to be the most comfortable long beard style. It is great for showing off your facial hair. It may be a little hard for many to grow in and some people may not enjoy the attention that comes with this style. Buzz cuts usually have longer hair around the neck and a lot of it grows out around the face and the body.

The shag is a short hair style with little facial hair. This style can come in different lengths from a medium to long. This style of beard is often worn by men who want to wear their hair down in a more unkempt way. This is also a great style for men who want to show off their masculinity. The shag can be tight or loose depending on the wearer’s preference.

Longer beards have less hair around the face and are known as the Mohawk. A Mohawk is typically made up of a single stripe and consists of a beard that is actually raised up or drooped down, sometimes in a half moon pattern, over the forehead. Mohawks are quite often seen on actors in movies.

The Nautilus is a well-known male hairstyle that consists of a more slender beard that is longer and even drapes down the neck. The beard can cover most of the face and sometimes a buzz can be left hanging.

A side-parted beard is a classic long beard style and is very appealing. It has a short fringe all the way around the face and comes in either a round back or the rounded back styles. These styles are popular among guys that have a high-maintenance personality.

The sides of the beard are typically thicker than the top or back portion of the beard. This type of beard style is also popular with bikers. The sides are usually left unbranched.

The round back is the traditional, long beard styles that are commonly used by a lot of athletic men. In this style the hair tends to fall down to the sides of the face.


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