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Using Pomade for thick hair can enhance your look in a variety of ways. Here are some of the best tips for using pomade to add volume to your hair.

Get a haircut that is just right for your type of hair. Getting a cut that is too tight or too loose can cause damage to your hair. Apply pomade to your hair after your trim and it will add an extra layer of shine to your locks.

When applying the pomade, apply it right down to your scalp. This will allow the pomade to adhere to your hair properly. If you have curly hair, avoid using a brush for applying the pomade. Curly hair tends to gather into tight curls when it is wet. When using a brush, it can cause your curls to break and you won’t get the look you want.

Let your hair dry naturally. You don’t want to use products to keep it from frizzing up while it is drying. The moisture in your hair encourages the use of pomade. Let your hair air dry after a shower.

Use pomade to add shine to thicker hair. To do this, apply it to your hair with a brush or a comb. It will add shine to the ends of your hair and will also make it look thicker.

When you are styling your hair, don’t go over do the right amount of pomade. Too much can cause damage. You can add just a few drops to your hand and use it in a comb. It is easy to do and will add volume and style to your hair without overdoing it.

Don’t worry about how your pomade will react to other products. Most pomade products are designed to work with other hair products such as shampoo. It is always best to test a small amount on a small area before trying it on your entire head.

If you don’t like the way it looks on your hair, you can always use a different pomade. If you are unhappy with your results, you can try mixing different types until you find one that works well. In order to prevent pomade from clogging your pores, it is recommended that you limit the amount you use at once you’ve found a style that you love.

The benefits of using pomade for thick hair can be very obvious. In the case that you are concerned that you might not get a full head of volume, it is best to follow some of the tips listed above and then experiment to find one that you like.


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