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This charming style brings together elements of traditional pompadour with relaxed elements for an effortlessly stylish appearance. Its low fade slowly decreases in length to highlight top volume while creating a seamless transition between facial hair and hair.

To create this look, begin with clean and towel dried hair that has been treated with Grooming Tonic to create healthy texture, followed by Salt Spray for volume and hold.

Textured Pompadour with a Low Fade

A modern pompadour with a low fade is a chic style that works well on any hair type. Its short sides and back create an eye-catching contrast against its fuller top, and are ideal for those who want a quick and straightforward grooming routine.

As opposed to its classic version, this low maintenance pompadour requires only a few scoops of pomade to create a relaxed style and style it rake through for an easier style. Perfect for curly or extra wavy locks this look strikes the ideal balance between casual and chic while finished off with a distinguished side part and strong hold hair gel for maximum impact!

Edgy Spiked Pompadour

Men with shorter hair who want a spiky style without additional effort should try this wind-swept style. A touch of pomade and some subtle sweeping can bring your spiky style out without much extra work required to achieve its impactful style.

This modern pompadour variation strikes an elegant balance between height and drama with clean lines. The full top is artfully swept back while faded sides add texture for an eye-catching profile.

Bring some pizzazz and texture into your spiky comb over by adding blonde highlights – an eye-catching color that works with any cut! Blonde highlights will highlight both volume and texture within your choppy top for maximum impact.

Textured Pompadour with a High Fade

This sleek variation of the classic pompadour combines height and volume with a taper fade, offering an ideal option for those who wish to keep their sides short while leaving longer lengths on top. Slick it back for an eye-catching style or add product for more relaxed styles.

To achieve this look, begin with cleanly cut hair and add a small amount of pomade to the top section. Comb your locks upwards and sideways before spraying a bit of hairspray for hold. For added drama use both hands when styling the pomp.

Textured Pompadour with a Skin Fade

This dapper style marries the iconic pompadour with a smooth skin fade to create a classic style with modern appeal. Perfect for short or long locks alike, this modern variation of pompadour works well with both curly and straight locks and requires only light pomade to maintain its shape at your crown.

This sophisticated pompadour exudes sophistication and elegance, offering a classic silhouette perfect for formal occasions. The smooth finish and sweeping height are enhanced by sharp undercut sides which add contrast and definition. Furthermore, this style works wonderfully alongside full beards for an authentically rugged, trendy aesthetic.

Textured Pompadour with a Curly Skin Fade

Ideal for those with naturally curly locks, this variation allows your natural texture to take center stage. Sides and back are shaved or tapered to provide a clean appearance so the full top can take its rightful place as the focal point. A textured pomp style with skin fade offers a stunning, contemporary appearance.

Ideal for men with wavy or curly locks, this informal version of the classic pompadour utilizes texturizing clay or paste instead of pomade for styling damp hair into shape. By using your fingers rather than a comb, apply product through damp locks before shaping into shape using hairspray for finishing touches. Pair this look with an imposing side parting for optimal results!

Textured Relaxed Pompadour

Sophisticated and elegant, the timeless pompadour style is a must for those who want to exude sophistication with their hair. Best suited for thick locks that can support its structure and upkeep requirements.

Attaining a sleek slicked pomp requires precise practice and the appropriate pomade. For an alternative rock ‘n’ roll take on traditional pompadour, try styling textured sections with low fades for a trendy rock ‘n’ roll take. The contrast between sleek top and rugged sides will have Olivia Newton-John fanning herself out!


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