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Men’s hairstyles reveal much about themselves. From an undercut fade to cornrows, each style speaks volumes about who the individual is.

If you have a square face shape, choose styles that add width to the forehead and chin area. Classic, neat haircuts such as close fade with side parting or short textured crop can work wonders on this facial structure.


Contrary to its pompadour counterpart, the quiff does not usually feature a rigidly structured look; rather it should be left slightly messy or combed over for a more casual effect. This style works especially well on men with wavy hair and helps visually elongate round faces.

A combination of pompadour and 1950s flat top styles, the quiff is an effortless style statement. Perfect for both formal occasions as well as social outings, its timeless beauty stands the test of time and looks great on both short-haired men as well as those with longer locks alike!

To achieve a quiff haircut, ask your barber to keep the sides and back short (a taper fade or low fade can help achieve this look) while leaving more length at the top. Be sure to comb through and add product for added hold throughout the day!

Emo Haircut

For punk rock fans, an Emo Haircut could be just the ticket. This style combines long fringes and colored highlights into one distinctive style to complement your individual personality and lifestyle. Choose from various hues like dark blues or purple reds for the best finish possible!

Many men with an emo haircut opt for a full side-swept fringe while others keep their strands loose and straight; some even use hair accessories to add personality.

An emo haircut with a fade is one way to make your face appear larger while creating a distinct punk look. Boys who opt for this emo style often dye their back hair to add an additional element of punk fashion. For something bolder, a messy frohawk with fade and spiked strands might also work well – don’t forget you could also have your stylist spike the strands to create striking contrast!

Crew Cut

The classic crew cut is an ideal classic that can fit virtually any style and occasion. Unlike buzz cuts, which feature short locks with no length on top or tapering at the edges, the close cropped style features some length at the front for additional style points and slight tapering at the edges.

Short versions of this versatile look provide a clean and sophisticated aesthetic. A faded back and sides blend effortlessly with a short top, which can be styled into either a quiff or pompadour for maximum volume and contrast. Textured top adds volume and contrast for those wanting to exude confidence and masculinity.

If you prefer longer top sections, try styling it into a short pompadour or quiff using light hold gel or pomade. This classic cut would benefit from having its look highlighted through this approach to styling hair.

Men looking to express their rebellious side should consider sporting a crew cut with a high fade. A high fade reveals more of the scalp and creates an interesting contrast between formality and casualness.

High and Tight

Men with long locks find great satisfaction in this classic haircut style that highlights their luxurious locks while remaining manageable and neat. It features a high fade that hugs the corners of the head but doesn’t blend into the top like in a faded crew cut; longer hair can then be styled into quiffs or pompadours to give this dashing men’s haircut its unique character and shine! Additionally, this style works particularly well on those who sport curly or bearded locks!

Make an impressionful statement in formal settings by pairing a high and tight fade with a side part for an eye-catching, sophisticated look that works well with formal attire. Add an eccentric twist by asking your barber to comb up long hair on top into an upswept mohawk effect; this low maintenance men’s haircut works for men who are always on the move; just remember to keep beard and moustache under control to maintain professional appearance.


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