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A short haircut is an excellent choice for men who have limited time or don’t like to deal with a lot of hair products. It also works well for a variety of face shapes and hair types.

If you’re looking for something more edgy, textured cuts are popular with men. They work well with a range of face shapes and can be worn with or without a fringe.

The Crew Cut

The crew cut is a classic look that’s perfect for any occasion. It’s a minimal style that looks good on just about any face shape, and is also easy to maintain.

The style is characterized by the transition between short hair near the temples and longer hair at the back and crown of the head. This difference in length creates a clean, almost imperceptible transition.

A classic crew cut suits a variety of face shapes, and can be paired with a wide range of facial hairstyles. It’s especially popular with men with a square or oval face.

The top of the cut is often kept a few inches long, while the sides are tapered for a neat finish. A beard can also work well with this haircut to balance out the textured top.

The Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is a classic style that can take a variety of forms. It is a great choice for men with short hair who want to keep their hair out of their face, especially those who have thick or curly locks that can become limp and flat when left untreated.

It is also a good choice for men with medium length hair who haven’t had their locks cut in a while. It is a simple and easy to maintain style, but it is best to get it trimmed on a regular basis to keep it looking clean.

The modern bowl cut is a bolder and messier version of the classic mushroom-look haircut, with a fresh punk feel that suits confident men who are ready to make a statement. It can be worn straight forward or paired with a soft side part for a more fashion-y look.

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is an incredibly versatile hairstyle that works well with a variety of face shapes. It is also a great choice for men who suffer from thinning or receding hairlines.

The short length of this style makes it easy to dye and style, and it grows out quickly if you decide to switch things up. It also offers a minimalist appearance that is both masculine and cool.

The Buzz Cut is an excellent option for on-the-go gents and frugal individuals who want a simple, low-maintenance hairstyle. This style is also a popular choice for young boys, who may not be comfortable with long hair.

The Military Style

The military style has influenced the world of fashion for over a century and continues to be a popular trend today. It’s a style that combines functional uniformity with a masculine aesthetic.

Whether it’s bomber jackets, crew-neck tees, chinos or boots, this look was first built for utility and then became part of everyday fashion. It’s a timeless look that can be worn by anyone looking for a way to mix it up with their current wardrobes.

Military-inspired pieces are a great option for smart casual occasions, such as wearing a faded camo-print tee under a navy blazer with khaki chinos and white sneakers. For a more dressy version of this style, consider army brown leather lace-ups from Valentino or Dolce & Gabbana. The key is to match the military-inspired items with your own personal style and body type.

The Finger Waves

One of the classiest short hairstyles of all time, the Finger Waves is a timeless glam style that was first made popular in the 1920s by North American actresses. It has since been worn by celebrities across the world, and is an easy way to add texture and volume to your look.

The classic method to create this style is to use gel and a fine-toothed comb. The comb helps to sculpt the gel and press it, creating an S-shaped wavy look.

If you’re not confident in your technique, you can always hire a professional stylist to create this gorgeous look for you. But if you’re feeling more confident, try to recreate this look yourself at home!


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