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Medium length hair can be tricky to style, but with some patience and the right products you’ll look stylish in no time!

Medium haircuts provide more styling options than short cuts, making them a go-to for many men looking to express their individual styles.

Brow Flow

A flow hairstyle combines a long top with short sides, creating the ideal look for men who want to appear casual yet sophisticated at the same time. It has become an iconic haircut among surfers, skaters, hipsters and many celebrities alike.

Men often associate the flow haircut with hockey players, but it can actually work great for anyone with medium to long hair. Not only is it easy to style, but you can style it any way you like – straight, wavy or curly hair included!

To achieve this look, ask your stylist to add neat layers around the edge of your hair for an aesthetically pleasing effect. Regular trims are also beneficial in maintaining healthy-looking locks.

Create this look using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, which features a unique wax formula to add texture and give the appearance of fuller brows with ease and flexibility. Use the fine-tipped pencil to draw small hairlike strokes in sparse areas and blend with its spoolie end for natural-looking results.

Middle Part

Middle parts are one of the hottest hairstyle trends for men, offering not only style but also great facial symmetry, according to Curtis Spellman from his salon in Los Angeles. Not only do they elongate your face shape, but it can give the illusion of length as well.

Spellman suggests that side parts can soften a square or diamond-shaped face and elongate a round one. Furthermore, since they expose less of the hairline than side parts do, they’re ideal for concealing thinning zones or diffused hair loss.

It appears as if the middle part vs side part debate has reached its zenith, thanks to social media apps like TikTok where people are sharing videos of themselves with both styles and debating which looks better on them. But is it really that clear-cut?

Layered Haircut

Layers are an excellent way to add volume and texture to your hair, as well as keep its long locks healthy and strong.

They can give your hair a nice frame and soften the face shape, making them suitable for anyone with long or short hair.

When selecting layers for your hairstyle, the length of your locks is an important factor to consider. For thick hair, your stylist may recommend that you go for textured layers.

If your hair is thin, however, a style with fewer layers may be preferable so that it looks fuller and easier to manage. Your stylist can recommend this for you or you can select a look that complements both your hair type and face shape.

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour fades are an ideal choice for guys who like to add volume to their hair. Additionally, they’re great for men with thin or receding hairlines as they help make the goals of your locks less noticeable.

The timeless pompadour has never gone out of style and remains a popular choice for men today. A faded pompadour adds an effortlessly stylish flair to any man’s hair.

Low or high fades are ideal for thick or fine hair, and comb overs are one of the quickest ways to create this style. Use strong hold products to maintain this style throughout the day; frequent styling will be necessary.

The side-swept pompadour fade is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle perfect for a relaxed vibe. The sides feature skin fades, while the longer top section is combed upwards to form a quiff.

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