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Mens hairstyles 2024 medium length

Mens 2024 medium length hairstyles seamlessly combine style and ease for an impeccable look that works for any event or setting. No matter whether your locks are curly, straight, wavy or something in between there’s bound to be an effortless style suitable to you.

Push-back mullets add height and volume while remaining sleek at the sides and back, perfect for pairing with taper fades for an eye-catching and sophisticated appearance.

1. Ivy League with Hard Part

Ivy League hairstyles are timeless classics that are ideal for men with long and narrow faces, defined facial features and strong jawlines. Additionally, this haircut can help cover up any receding hairlines.

Style notes: A fade is often worn with this look and can be styled either to the side or back for maximum versatility. For something different and modern, consider changing out the traditional side part for a hard part, creating more structured partitions while adding some edge to the overall style.

The Ivy League haircut is an ideal solution for professional men looking to present an impeccable and polished image, though its versatility allows it to suit a range of facial structures and hair types. When seeking this style from your barber, be sure to provide clear pictures showing exactly what look you are going for so they can help achieve it successfully.

2. French Crop

If you prefer more low-maintenance styles, a French crop could be an excellent solution. This classic cut features short sides and back with longer length on top that can be styled into an eye-catching fringe when styled correctly – creating an effortlessly chic style suitable for all face shapes that requires little or no product for styling!

One of the most striking variations on this look involves pairing a French crop with a fade, whether subtle mid fades or more drastic high fades, for an unforgettable combination. The juxtaposition between your long crown and shorter sides and back creates an eye-catching contrast that no one will forget!

Add depth and dimension to this look by having your barber use a point cutting technique, which does not remove excess length but rather creates gradual graduations at the ends of your hair for added texture and depth. Combine this look with a skin fade for an eye-catching, sophisticated mens haircut perfect for both the office or a night on the town!

3. Curtain Bangs

Mens medium length hairstyles provide a variety of stylish options that blend laid back charm with sophisticated flair. From textured waves to sleek pompadours, these styles will elevate your party look this season.

The Curtain Bangs hairstyle combines modern mullet trends with an elegantly long center part for an eye-catching style that complements most face shapes. The pushed-back front draws attention to your eyes and features, enhancing an overall dapper appearance. No matter if you opt for sleek or texturized looks in 2024 – this versatile style is sure to do its magic!

Maintaining this hairstyle for men with curly or permed hair is one of the easiest things they can do, particularly with sea salt spray. Furthermore, its middle part makes it possible for you to rock the emo look if that’s your style – making the EBoy style popular among K-Pop artists as an easy way to stand out on TikTok or Instagram and create something memorable with curtain bangs that can be swept to either side depending on your mood or preference.

4. Short Pompadour

The Short Pompadour blends the timeless side-part and high fade trends for a contemporary take on this versatile haircut. With its clean lines and easy maintenance requirements, its clean silhouette creates a sleek silhouette while its combed upward style adds drama and sophistication.

This textured crop combines edge with practicality for an eye-catching style that has seen an upsurge in barber culture. Boasting choppy layers up top and skin-fade sides, this is an ideal hairstyle choice for those who wish to remain stylish while maintaining minimal upkeep.

With men’s hairstyles transforming at such an incredible pace, it is crucial that you stay ahead of the trend by finding a style that genuinely reflects both your personality and physical attributes. GATSBY offers products designed specifically to help men make an impressionful statement this 2024 – our versatile pomades and stronghold gels can help achieve any look you’re after!


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