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If you’re looking to freshen up your style for the new year, it’s time to get your hair in check. From dreadlocks and military-style short haircuts, there are plenty of mens haircuts 2023 you can rock that will leave you looking stylish and up-to-date.

Buzz cuts are a low maintenance style that will instantly update your look. Once practical, they have now become edgy enough for work or play environments alike.


Dreadlocks are a popular option for men who want their hair to stand out. They’re easy to style and can be worn in various ways.

Dreads have a long and colorful history in many cultures around the world. Some examples of people who have worn them include Vikings, ancient Egypt, Germanic tribes, Pacific Islanders and Maasai, Fulani and Ashanti tribes of Africa.

However, dreads have become controversial due to their association with the Rastafari movement and religious beliefs. For Rastas, dreadlocks are a sign of pride and Africa-ness as well as an act of rejection towards what they refer to as Babylon, or the West.

Military-Style Short Haircuts

Military-style short haircuts have remained a timeless classic and are easy to maintain. They suit most face shapes perfectly, and can be worn both with military garb and civilian outfits.

These haircuts serve as a symbol of passage for those joining the military and are easy to maintain due to their active lifestyles and challenging environments. Furthermore, it’s an ideal look for those wanting to inspire confidence in others by showcasing their strength.

This classic military-style cut incorporates elements of both crew cut and French crop. It keeps the top neat and even, while leaving the sides unkempt.

Mid Length Haircuts

Mid length haircuts offer the ideal compromise between short and long hairstyles. If you’re undecided about whether to go for a textured crop or need something new for work, medium lengths provide plenty of style options without having to sacrifice too much length.

For a timeless style that never goes out of fashion, try adding a side part. It’s clean, defined, and elegant – ideal for most hair types.

For a contemporary take on the classic style, try opting for a fade instead. This seamless transition between long and short creates an effortlessly stylish cut that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention.

A brushed up fade is a popular men’s haircut 2023 option that can be paired with any top style. This look is especially flattering for thin hair and adds volume to the head.

Textured Crop

If you’re searching for an effortlessly stylish hairstyle, textured crop is a great option. This modern haircut appeals to men of all ages and works great with either wavy or curly hair types.

This trendy cut features short sides and back with longer textured top hair that can be pulled forwards. It’s a casual yet polished style perfect for formal events.

Men with thinning hair on top or a receding hairline should opt for a textured crop cut. Texture-enhancing pomades such as hair clay or wax can create volume and movement without looking unnatural.

This haircut works best with wavy or curly hair, but it can also be used on straight types. Pairing the back and sides with either a fade or taper gives it an effortlessly stylish look that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go! With such versatility in style, this hairstyle will surely become one of your go-tos among friends!

Buzz Cut

For a daring and stylish style, the buzz cut is an ideal option. It is one of the most popular short haircuts for men of any hair type.

Gents with thinning or receding hair should consider this minimal style as it won’t draw attention to their balding areas. Plus, it puts your locks back on your face, allowing you to show off your best facial features.

In 2023, the buzz cut is an ideal mens haircut for all face shapes. Square faces will appreciate its shorter length which helps to draw attention to their jawline; on the other hand, oval shapes benefit from having a longer buzz cut because it adds depth and dimension to their features.


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