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Make this hair gel part of your grooming regimen as part of a no-fuss daily styling experience. With its medium hold and easy style maintenance, its no-fuss style will leave no room for mistakes throughout the day. Ideal for use on all hair types to help thicken texture for thicker styles; its semi matte finish may appear slightly shiny but washes off easily for hassle-free removal.

Suitable for all hair types

Men with wavy hair can use this men’s pomade to achieve a natural, sleek appearance while adding some shine and keeping their style intact without becoming crunchy or greasy when applied on damp hair. Perfect for medium to thick locks, it works in almost every hairstyle but be wary of using too much of this product, which could create an unflattering clumpy appearance that would look unattractive on them.

Hair is an integral component of men’s personal brands and communicates their professional and cultural objectives, lifestyle choices and personality traits. How he styles his locks can reveal much about who they are as an individual, creating either confidence or laid-back impressions depending on its style and texture. Shine is becoming more fashionable lately so using pomade that provides natural shine may also keep styles in place more effectively.

Gives a medium hold

This men’s hair product is the ideal solution for creating a professional-looking finish. Providing your locks with a semi matte finish with natural sheen that never looks wet or greasy, its medium hold holds all day without becoming crunchy, making this ideal for skin fades with blunt fringes or shorter side parts.

No matter the occasion – modern pompadour or bed-head – this classic pomade will deliver a sleek no-hassle look. Just work a fingertip amount into your hands and spread it throughout your locks; rake through and comb to style as desired. Formulated specifically to tame unruly locks while combatting everyday poof, leaving your locks polished rather than crusty or dry like other products may do; washes off easily with water too.

Natural shine

Hair gloss can add shine and health to your locks without making them appear oily or greasy. A top choice from CHI is its dual shine spray and heat protectant, which contains conditioning polymers to smooth cuticles and reflect light, plus oat milk and camellia oil to soften hair strands. Plus, its mist format makes application simple on long or thick locks alike – whether for ponytails or buns!


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