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Men’s grey hair styles vary greatly. From the slicked back undercut to the Salt and pepper style. You should choose a cut that fits your lifestyle and that suits your personality.

Crew cut

The crew cut is a very versatile and remarkably low maintenance hairstyle. It can be shortened, longer or styled in any way you like.

The crew cut is a good option for guys who like to keep their looks simple. It works with all types of hair and it can be worn in a variety of different styles. Aside from being stylish, a crew cut can also help to tame stubborn curls.

It’s not surprising that a crew cut is a favorite amongst teenage boys and business professionals. In fact, some men even self-haircut as part of their daily grooming routine.

Crew cuts can come in many varieties, but there are several features to look for. These include the length, texture and fade.

For example, you might want to ask your barber for a high skin fade on your sides. This type of fade will leave your hair looking shorter at the same time as it elongates your face.

Slicked-back undercut

If you are looking for a hair style for men that has an undercut, then you may want to try the slicked-back undercut. These types of hairstyles can add a stylish touch to your look and can help to cover up a receding hairline.

There are a number of styles of slicked-back undercuts that you can try. One of the most popular is the high fade slicked back hairstyle. You can also opt for the slicked-back ponytail style. Both of these looks are ideal for a man who isn’t afraid to show off his locks.

The slicked-back undercut is a haircut with buzzed sides and a clean slicked top. It can be used to disguise a receding hairline and is also ideal for those who have grey hair.

Comb over

When it comes to men’s grey hair, there are numerous styles to choose from. From the classic crew cut to the Afro, there is something for every taste. The question is which style to go for?

The crew cut is one of the easiest and most understated haircuts to rock. In fact, it’s a favorite among men of all ages. It doesn’t require much effort to maintain and it works well with a beard.

Slicked back undercuts are another popular choice. They offer a bit of definition while still maintaining a slicked look. Typically, these haircuts have buzzed or clipped sides, a slightly longer middle section, and a short, tapered front.

Comb over men’s grey hair styles are also plentiful. To pick out the best hairstyle for you, consider your personal preference, your face shape, and your hair texture.

Salt and pepper hair

The salt and pepper hair style is in. It is a stylish hairstyle that is easy to maintain.

Men can have long or short haircuts. They can choose to have gray or white strands. To get the look, you can use premium hair dye. This style is perfect for men who want to keep their hair looking fresh.

The salt and pepper pixie is simple and elegant. You can style this style with a beard and a side part. You can also add a few streaks of silver to make your style stand out.

If you have long hair, you can keep it wavy. A tapered fade on the sides can help add volume. Another way to enhance the wavy look is to use pomade to create texture.


Men with grey hair can go with a variety of hairstyles. It is important to choose a haircut that suits your face shape and the texture of your hair.

Shorter styles are easy to maintain. They are also a stylish option for special occasions. This type of hairstyle is great for men who want to show off their grey hair.

The crew cut is a classic style that will work for any age. It is also one of the most basic looking hairstyles. You should use a #2 or #4 trimmer edge to create this look.

For a cool, fashionable look, you can try a comb over. This hairstyle adds weight to your hair and a touch of texture to your style.

Another cool option is the slicked back style. With this haircut, your back and sides are buzzed. A pomade or gel should be applied to damp hair before combing.


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