mens curly hairstyles

When it comes to mens curly hairstyles, there are plenty of options to choose from. The key to finding the right cut is finding one that accentuates your unique texture and style.

Natural curls aren’t often seen on men, but when worn correctly they can look fantastic. That’s why we put together this list of the best mens curly hairstyles to get you inspired and ready to rock a textured head of hair!

Undercut with Textured Curls

The Undercut with Textured Curls is a great option for guys who want to showcase their curls. This hairstyle gives you plenty of versatility, allowing you to wear your top long or slick it back entirely, depending on how you style your hair.

The best thing about this haircut is that it doesn’t require a lot of styling products to keep your curls looking sharp. You can even go for a matte or glossy finish to ensure your locks are eye-catching.

You can also try a platinum blonde or dark brown hair color to give your curls some extra contrast and make them stand out more. To maintain your curls, you need to apply a good hair mousse formulated for curly hair.

Another option is to get a short side-swept fringe. This will add a little more drama to your look and is a great way to draw attention to your face shape.

Natural Pompadour

A pompadour hairstyle is a classic that has been around for centuries. It’s a great choice for guys who want a classic look that can still be updated with a modern twist.

Traditionally, this style is best for shorter, straight hair – but it can be easily adapted to long or wavy locks. It is low maintenance and requires little effort to get the job done.

It doesn’t require a lot of product to stay in place, but it does require a bit of attention and a steady hand to keep it looking its best. Use a high-shine pomade to help create a polished, slick finish.

The Natural Pompadour is a mens curly hairstyle that is easy to achieve and versatile. It is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend styling their hair in the morning.

It’s also a good style for those with thicker strands of hair as it gives the illusion of an even fuller mane. You can add a high fade on the sides to sharpen the overall look, and you can use a blow dyer to build volume and give your hair a healthy shine.

Short Messy Quiff

The Short Messy Quiff is a classic look that is versatile and easy to maintain. It relies on volume rather than fading or shaving for a clean and stylish look that is perfect for everyday wear.

For the best results, start with medium length hair and use product to build volume at the front of your head. Then, gradually add height to the crown of your head.

Adding a touch of volume to the sides helps accentuate strong features like a square jawline or high cheekbones. You can achieve this with a subtle wave or by using a blow dryer to shape the sides into place.

A good pomade will give you the ultimate hold for the style. Dab a small amount of the product on your palm and evenly distribute over your hair. Work it into almost dry hair with your hands before applying the blow dryer to create that signature quiff effect.

Edgy Mullet Mohawk

The Edgy Mullet Mohawk is a unique mens curly hairstyle that has a bold front with long hair on top. It can be a great choice for anyone who wants to make a statement with their hair.

The mullet is a style that has made a comeback and has a lot of versatility. It can be adapted to fit any face shape and hair type.

This edgy mullet man haircut is textured all over with shaved temples, and a touch of rusty red merges into the pumpkin orange hue at the back to make this look even cooler.

It also has a blunt fringe at the front that blends into the length on the sides. This creates an interesting asymmetrical haircut that will draw attention to your eyes.

If you want to avoid a mullet that is too edgy and bold, consider the baseline mullet. It is a simple, subtle style that features a straight cut across your forehead and shaved sides that are not blended into the top.


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