Men With Mid Fade Hair – Do You Know How to Handle This Color-Blocked Hair Style?

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When it comes to men with mid-fade hair, nothing can be more challenging than to cut the long locks straight. It is hard enough to fashion a haircut that doesn’t look like a kid at the kindergarten. At least if they have short hair, you can easily manage to appear proper in a suit or dress without looking overgrown and stodgy.

Men With Mid Fade Hair Cut

To keep your looks classy, you can resort to the MDD (Men Doing Dandy) Cut. This haircut combines both the choppy, with the messy. Some are so choppy, that you might actually end up looking like a teenage boy. Most of the time, the MDD hair cut is done on a man that doesn’t have much mid-fade hair and that can afford to be choppy.

The MDD haircut is a little bit simple when compared to the other mid-fade hairstyles. The classic mohawk style requires you to have long locks to begin with, which makes it less choppy and less difficult to handle. This will also allow you to add some extra inches on your sides, if you wish. A classic mohawk style requires no additional items or accessories. If you really want to be different, a mohawk is a unique style that allows you to add personality.

If you want to wear a mohawk in this season, it is better to try the MDD style. The choppy style needs to be kept simple. As for the hairstyle of your hair, you can opt for a bang to add some extra width.

Besides the choppy style, the MDD style requires a Pompadour. This hairstyle is so beautiful and classic that it is difficult to not be mesmerized by it.

You can also opt for the classic MDD haircut with medium length hair. Some men with medium length hair don’t need the full mohawk; rather, they can wear a choppy style that extends down to the shoulders. There are also men with curly or wavy hair, who can go for the classic mohawk style, if they want a stylish and trendy look.

Men with MDD haircut can opt for either the mohawk or the Pompadour. However, they can choose to alter the style, if they want to appear more fresh and new.


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