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Long Beard Styles

There are many long beard styles for men, it just depends on what you are looking for and the mood you are in. So when you are shopping, do take the time to put yourself in your ideal situation. You will want to find the style that compliments your face shape the best. So let’s look at some of the longer styles that are available.

Beards that are very short but also have a full beard or goatee will really emphasize your face. It is like having a full beard, but without the other things you would normally add to a beard. This type of beard style is very versatile. It can be used in any situation. You can have one that you can wear every day if you wanted or you can also have a style that you can just switch out depending on the weather.

Short and medium length long beards. They are great for everyday wear because they are so close together. It gives the illusion of a full beard, but the sideburns are not long and wide like you would get from a long style.

Long layers with the ends being completely straight and covering the lower face. This makes it look very rugged and heavy, but with the sideburns being short and pointing downwards, it gives the impression of a longer facial hair. It also helps keep the wind out of your face when you are outdoors.

A long style that is actually shorter than the rest of your facial hair, usually about two or three inches. The hair is completely cut down on the sides and back, giving the impression of thicker hair. This is great if you don’t want the extra layers of hair in your face but you also don’t want a long fringe to go along with it.

Full beards can be worn, like the full beard mentioned above, but only for short periods of time and only to cover up the occasional stubble on your face. With most of these styles the hair is either too thick to pull off, or the style itself is not well suited for what it is trying to accomplish. Not many people like them for this reason, but the styling options are pretty much endless.

There are also some medium length long styles for guys who want a longer style that is styled differently from the rest of their hair. These types of styles give you the full facial hair you want with the top few layers being very short. The hair is layered in front, but the sides are not very long. This look works best for those who want a slightly longer style.

Now that you know there are many beard styles for men, it is time to pick the style that you like the best. Once you know this, you will want to search for a style that will suit your facial shape. So with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy shopping for your next long beard.


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