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The Beatles were not only music icons but fashion leaders as well. Their signature mop-top hairstyle, known officially as a pudding basin haircut or five-point haircut due to how its sweep sweeps down to five points, remains fashionable today as much as in the sixties.

1. The Modified Mop Top Haircut

TikTok has become a hub of trends of all kinds, sparking viral pasta recipes, dance moves, and hairstyles alike. One such enduring look from TikTok that has gained widespread traction is the mop top: an unisex style featuring longer locks on the top with gradually shorter sides; consider it like an undercut with less upkeep requirements!

Francis Bourgeois of MFH fame wears this style with a textured fringe, giving him the look of young George Harrison. This look can easily be customized for any face shape and works especially well on curly locks.

To achieve this look, speak with your barber about getting a choppy bowl cut that has the front hair cut above your eyebrow line and sides cut to earlobe level. Use matte wax or pomade to smooth over any rough edges on top and define your fringe.

2. The Rock Star Mop Wet Hairstyle

No matter whether you want to channel your inner rockstar or just add some edge, a wet mop haircut may be just what’s needed to add some edge and volume to your style. Easy to maintain and with maximum volume – ideal for both curly or straight hair types, the wet mop looks its best when used with appropriate styling products!

The “broccoli cut,” more commonly referred to as a wet mop, is a fashionable style among TikTok heartthrobs as well as big celebrities like BTS’ Jungkook. This haircut features long top layers with closely cropped or faded sides resembling a bowl cut style.

Casual in appearance, this style lends itself well to pairing a five-o’clock shadow and clean skin for maximum effect. Perfect for showing off facial features and exuding attractive masculinity, you can enhance this look by applying some gel or pomade to enhance its attractive qualities – though try keeping amounts minimal so as not to alter its natural texture of hair.

3. The Layered Wet Mop Haircut

The layered wet mop hairstyle is a contemporary take on the retro “mop-top” style. Perfect for guys who wish to keep long locks at the front with short sides but lack time for full growth, this hairstyle offers long top length and short sides without too much maintenance required for growth.

Styling this cut should be fairly straightforward if your client has curly or wavy locks, since a touch of hair gel or pomade will help the longer, combed layers stay put while emphasizing their natural texture.

The wet mop hairstyle is ideal for men with thick, straight or somewhat wavy locks that is long enough for the wet mop look. However, for clients with finer or thinner locks it may be more appropriate to go for something more refined like the layered wet mop haircut that requires regular care with volumizing products and hydrating masks to look its best.

4. The Modified Mop Top Haircut with Fringe

Mop top haircuts with fringe are among the most beloved hair styles today, providing volume and texture ideal for those with fine locks. For optimal results, use a wide-tooth comb and apply light styling product as required to keep it looking neat and tidy.

The wet mop style has taken social media by storm in 2022. Combining elements of retro mop-top haircuts with updated layering techniques for an updated version reminiscent of The Beatles era stars, this 2022 men’s hair trend offers plenty of potential inspiration!

Style Maintenance – To keep this style looking its best and effortless for busy men, the Z Hair Academy Cosmetology School suggests using sea salt spray or gel on damp hair to maintain shape and keep looking sleek and sharp.


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