barbershop mens room

If you’ve ever visited a barbershop, you know it isn’t what you expect. You won’t find an endless red and white candy cane pole or an incompetent generalist there.

These shops offer an intimate setting, where you can discuss hobbies and interests with others. They’re not just places for getting a haircut – they’re spiritual retreats as well.


Maintaining a minimalist barbershop men’s room is an effective way to make the space feel clean and organized. Additionally, it will help eliminate clutter and unnecessary equipment from the room.

The beauty of minimalism is that it’s adaptable to virtually any barbershop, no matter its size or space limitations. Designing an interior space that not only looks good but functions optimally can be a fun challenge!

To maximize the potential of your space, be sure to consider both your needs and those of your clientele before choosing a design theme. For instance, if you want male customers, then using masculine colors such as black and brown in your barbershop’s palette could be beneficial.

Making the most of your space requires considering storage, lighting and ventilation options. These elements will determine how well-designed and functional your barbershop looks and feels, so do some research before beginning design projects.


If you want to evoke classic barbershops while giving your shop a distinctive atmosphere, industrial-style is an excellent choice. This look features straight dark wood furniture and raw brick walls.

Create the ideal atmosphere in your men’s room by paying careful attention to details such as lighting and flooring. Aesthetically pleasing decor and a welcoming waiting area can help clients relax and prepare for their visit.

When designing your barbershop, consider including visually-appealing barber stations and retail products as key elements. These details can add to the overall experience, setting the mood for all other elements within the space.

Selecting the appropriate colors is another essential aspect of barbershop decor. Neutral shades such as military green, burnt orange and beige work well with a variety of furniture pieces and decor styles.

Art Nouveau-style

For 107 years, Arcade Men’s Room has been a fixture in Latta Arcade. However, owner Reagan Taylor Banik is beginning to worry that she might be forced out of the space.

Art Nouveau is an eclectic style of interior design that emerged during the 19th century. It’s distinguished by haphazardly placed furniture, stained glass, mosaics and mirrors set within asymmetrical frames.

Its elegant, classical aesthetic is enhanced with the use of gilded elements such as statuettes, mirrors set into carved frames and candlesticks on the walls.

A barbershop decorated in this style will resemble a castle from the Middle Ages. Heavy curtains, stained glass windows and ceiling beams create an ambiance reminiscent of a medieval fortress.

This style is ideal for those who want their customers to experience the atmosphere of an old barbershop. To achieve this look, the salon should be furnished with vintage items.


The loft-style is a popular aesthetic for barbershops that feature large, open spaces with exposed pipes or original fixtures. This style emphasizes clean lines, bold colors and modern furniture.

In addition, this style utilizes masculine color schemes that will draw in clients. From black walls to gold accents, this elevated design will give your clients a feeling of royalty.

No matter your aesthetic, adding small touches can give your shop an eye-catching flair. Frame pictures of the first dollar you made or a copy of the blueprint for your shop will add character and warmth.

Comfortable seating areas are essential components of any shop design. This is where guests will be welcomed and decorated with artwork that complements your shop’s aesthetic, comfortable furniture pieces, and barbershop retail displays to showcase products.


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