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How to Grow a Long Beard Style

We’ve discussed beard styles that are a bit more flamboyant and more natural. There is another style, however, that some men find rather more versatile, and therefore more ideal for a man who has a few different facial hair styles to adorn, including short or long beards.

Long beards can be a bit more difficult to maintain than short ones, but they are well worth the effort. Long, shaggy beards are also capable of blocking out an eye in direct sunlight.

If you wish to keep your face looking relatively clean, you may want to start off with a medium length stubble beard. With the stubble beard, you are free to choose between short and long hair styles. Even with the medium length stubble, it’s a good idea to trim your hair so that the final result is something that is at least a little bit longer than it is wide.

Long beards tend to work better for men who have somewhat fuller facial hair. The face appears much broader as a result. A man who has facial hair that covers half of his forehead can take advantage of a long beard, as he does not need to look over-toned by having long hair and stubble around his face. With a long beard, a man’s forehead will seem fuller and his jawline will appear slightly slimmer.

There are two main reasons why most men do not like the idea of long beard styles. First, most men find the appearance of a full beard a bit unappealing, because it makes them look too much like their father’s. Second, the man who desires a full beard will most likely be unhappy with the look of a long beard, since most men do not grow facial hair that is that long.

To give yourself the best chance of growing a short beard that’s perfect for the office or going for that popular guy in the baseball league, it may be a good idea to start off with a medium length beard. Start by trimming the front of your beard so that it only covers your upper lip. When your chin is well covered, it’s a good idea to trim the hair on the sides of your face, rather than removing it entirely.

Since facial hair is usually associated with the back and sides of the face, it makes sense to begin with the sides of your face. One method of trimming beard hair is to use a pair of scissors to trim the hair on each side of your face. Do not leave the edges of the scissors visible, because that will make your facial hair stand out, rather than blend in with your facial hair. Trim your beard until it is roughly the same length as your eye.

Before trimming your beard, make sure you brush it every day. Brush it into shape, so that your beard is trimmed and smooth. After shaving, your face will still be soft, so brushing your beard a few times a day is a good idea to make sure it gets thoroughly cleansed. If you do this, you will be in the best position to grow your beard.


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