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Discovering your personal style may be challenging. While quizzes might provide instantaneous results such as, “you are a boho babe”, true style goes beyond simple labels.

Conduct a close review of your closet and note any pieces that stand out, which could indicate styles you like but are hesitant to fully embrace.

1. Think About Your Personality

Personality plays an essential role in your style, from carefree casual outfits to classic elegance in LBDs. Therefore, when trying to establish your individual look it is advisable to spend some time thinking about yourself and which clothes fit that image best.

Reconsider your style icons – both dead and alive – and scrutinize their outfits, noting the elements that stand out to you – such as color schemes, fabrics or keywords associated with their fashion style.

Engaging the help of those close to you to describe your style in three words will allow you to quickly identify which styles suit you perfectly and those which do not.

2. Look At Your Closet

Idealy, this should go hand-in-hand with Step 1. Scout through your closet and identify your go-to outfits and note which pieces keep reappearing, along with why. This information will guide your buying decisions later.

Take note of any pieces that don’t feel quite right – whether that means an old blouse that never sees wear or a shirt too small for you – that don’t feel quite right and highlight potential fashion mistakes for future use.

By purging your closet of all items that do not fit and bring you joy, you’ll end up with only clothes that truly enhance your lifestyle and bring happiness. Additionally, organizing it correctly is also an opportunity to add style to your wardrobe by placing each item on its appropriate hanger – even small steps such as doing this will add style.

3. Make a Wishlist

If you’re on a quest to discover your personal style, a wishlist can be an invaluable asset. Not only can it keep track of everything you want but it makes it easier for others to know what would make an excellent present; simply paste or type product links or names into it; there’s even the option of specifying shipping addresses; plus it keeps purchased items hidden so as to prevent spoiling surprises!

4. Make a Clothing Rack

Understanding your style is essential, even if other people think it is “wrong”. Knowing why you like what you like will make it easier to spot new items that fit seamlessly with it.

Make a boutique feel a part of your own space with these pro tips for creating an eye-catching clothing rack (we love this DIY option). Digil suggests spacing hangers two fingers wide apart for an attractive appearance and adding cute storage solutions such as Hay storage crates or stackable shoe boxes from Walmart as cute storage solutions for extra shoes, accessories and belts you don’t want to part ways with just yet. An organized clothing rack will make rotating seasonal pieces much simpler.

5. Take a Style Quiz

Find your unique style. Once you know, shopping will become much simpler. Consider who are some of your style icons: TV and film actors you have long admired; hip musicians you would love to wear your clothes; even an elegant grandfather or fashion-savvy childhood babysitter can give great inspiration.

AidaForm makes creating quizzes easy: just edit and publish! Our ready-made templates make this task seamless; check out this sample clothing style quiz as an example to demonstrate its ease. For an engaging results page to inspire audience participation and shareability.


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