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Men’s hairstyle trends in 2024 are evolving quickly, combining classic styles with more modern approaches. One such look that stands out is the curtain mullet – an eye-catching medium-length style which combines sophistication with flair.

Try the quiff with hard part for an eye-catching retro style. This look pairs nicely with fade mohawk or slicked back styles.

Curtain Mullet

Curtain Mullets have become one of the resurgent 90s hairstyles, popularized during this decade. This look features long locks on top with a strong middle part to resemble curtains – an excellent option for men seeking an emo edge to their look.

Burst fade mullets are ideal for men who want to create an eye-catching and eye-catching look, as this style combines short fringe of a mullet with longer fade to create an irresistibly unique style that is sure to turn heads and break hearts alike.

Sleek Side Part

A sleek side part is an iconic style that never goes out of fashion. Channeling Lana Del Rey or creating ballerina vibes, this timeless look can easily be maintained using light hair styling clay or paste with medium hold and moderate shine or pomades that offer medium hold with moderate shine for added style.

Side parts are an ideal way to complement nearly all face shapes; they provide balance to round faces, soften angular features on square ones and balance out diamond or oval-shaped profiles.

Buzz Cut

The classic buzz cut is an easy, low maintenance look that works great for men looking to reduce grooming time. With minimal styling required and no upkeep requirements necessary, the buzz cut makes an excellent option.

For an elegant take on the buzz cut, try opting for a high and tight with fade. This style features closely shaven sides with longer top sections for styling – similar to induction cuts but more masculine (think John Cena).

Add designs like lines, zig-zags, diamonds or boxed-up hairlines for an eye-catching and distinctive buzz cut that sets you apart from the competition. This can give your cut an eye-catching appearance that stands out in a crowd.

Tapered Fade with Length on Top

A fade is a hairstyle that gradually transitions your longer locks into shorter ones on the sides and back of your head, creating an eye-catching, modern and trendy appearance. Men who wish to add contrast or create contrast will benefit greatly from having this haircut styled by professionals.

This men’s hairstyle can be styled in multiple ways, from classic straight cut to textured combover with modern pompadour or mullet. Additionally, this versatile look pairs well with beards and suits multiple occasions.

Try a skin fade or low taper fade for an elegant, professional appearance, or opt for temple fade to define your features with unique contour. Once complete, use an Uppercut Deluxe Clay product with natural finish for added reworkable texture.

Curly High Top Fade

A high fade haircut features hair disappearing above its natural lines of growth at temples and ears, creating an eye-catching style suitable for both straight and curly locks, that can be worn multiple ways.

Gents with thick and tightly coiling curls can achieve this gravity-defying style by pairing their hair with a low taper fade and pairing textured top hair with neatly tapered sides and nape for an eye-catching, trendy, contemporary look that is sure to turn heads at work and rave parties alike.

Braided Hairstyles

People with heart-shaped faces can take advantage of braided styles to add width and volume to the sides of their face. From worn loose for a casual look to updo styles that demonstrate personal flair, braided styles can help to highlight this aspect of facial features.

Create bold elegance with this beautiful tribute to punk styles by weaving contrasting small cornrows into a two-strand twist for an eye-catching style that combines elegance and protection for an eye-catching style that stands out among its peers. This bold look will turn heads and be noticed – make an impressionful statement today!

Add texture and dimension to a classic updo with flat twisted braids tucked into a low bun for an eye-catching, sophisticated style. This protective style combines tradition and innovation for an eye-catching natural look that stands out.

Faux Hawk

A variation on the mohawk, this style provides a less dramatic look with shorter sides and more length up top. A skilled barber can use scissor and clipper techniques to style this style into an angular ridge on the forehead; the longer top section should then be combed upward and styled with pomade, clay or hair cream for an undone yet polished appearance.

A faux hawk is an ideal choice for men looking to add some punk flare without looking as though they have just come straight out of bed. With its flexible style, this cut can be worn many ways depending on your desired look.


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