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High top dreads are an elegant yet rugged way to show off your natural hair texture and style. The look is stylish yet practical, perfect for showing off all its best qualities.

No matter if it’s low, medium, or high fade, this popular hairstyle will set you apart in any crowd. Additionally, this hairstyle makes dreadlocks even more noticeable in professional settings.

Space Buns

With its sharp middle part and shaved sides, this look embodies both edge and polish at once. Perfect for adding flair to short high top dreads or short high top dreads! Use Suave Men Leave-In Conditioner With Shea Butter & Coconut Oil to keep dreads moisturized during this style.

This look is straightforward to create and looks good on most hair textures. Start by creating two pigtails secured with hair pins. Next, wrap each of their strands around space buns for an effortless, nonchalant style.

Musician NAO took this style a step further by adding half-up space buns to his braided hair, showing that this look can work on all lengths and textures of hair. To maintain this style, regularly palm roll your dreads gently for optimal results and wash with residue-free shampoo to avoid matting or tangling issues.


This style is ideal for people seeking to add color or texture to their hair, as it combines dreadlocks with a faded haircut for a stylish yet bold look. Additionally, this works for any length or type of dreadlock length or texture.

Criss-cross dreadlocks are another fashionable high top dreads style. Here, two or more strands are crossed over one another to form striking and eye-catching patterns, showing off your individuality while making you stand out from the crowd. This style can show your personal flair while standing out from others in an instant!

Those with long dreadlocks might want to consider creating a high pineapple haircut to show off their bold sense of style. This classic and chic style looks great when worn with either side parts or shaved sides; its shaved sides also show off tattoos beautifully. Additionally, you could add in colorful beads for an additional trendy flair!


The high top dreads hair style is ideal for men who wish to showcase their twisted locs with an eye-catching style. This slicked-back style features tight interlocked braids which blend into a thick ponytail of twisted locs topped off with a sculpted fade along the hairline for added originality and will surely turn heads at any event.

This striking look features a vibrant color and high-top ponytail for an eye-catching appearance. Textured locs have been lightly curled to add dimension, before being gathered into a ponytail with a subtle middle part to complete its polished appearance.

This unique dread style, popularized by rapper Tyga, adds flair and distinction to any look. Achieved with an ombre hang-over created by applying an ombre effect to locs which then blend with full fade haircut on sides and back; maintaining this texture look requires regular palm rolling, shampooing and conditioning with Dove Amplified Textures Hydration Boost Scalp Tonic for optimal care.


High top dreadlocks are an eye-catching style that instantly elevates men. Wearing one as an emblem of confidence and cultural pride, they also look fantastic when worn neatly and correctly maintained.

Whoever prefers a more casual appearance should try wearing their locs in pigtails for ease of maintenance and styling needs. This look works for all types of hair including both straight and wavy dreadlocks; additionally, this style helps maintain an appearance of neat professionalism within conservative workplaces.

Braiding high top dreadlocks into a cornrow is another popular method for wearing high top dreads, and can create an elegant and stylish look when worn with fades. Furthermore, this hairstyle makes an excellent option for men with shorter locs as it can easily be styled into a sleek ponytail.

Keep your dreads looking their best by regularly washing with a residue-free shampoo, gently palm rolling your dreads, and separating conjoined sections to maintain shape and prevent excessive matting.


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