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As men age, their hair may experience changes in color, texture and even shape. Fortunately, there are plenty of hairstyles for older men that can help them look their best.

Here are some of the most sought-after styles. No matter if your hair is thinning or you need something low maintenance, these looks will keep you looking youthful and attractive!

1. Wavy Quiff

The wavy quiff is a timeless hairstyle perfect for older men. This style features short sides and back with long on top that’s then brushed upward and gently combed back for texture.

Wavy hair looks best with volume, which adds body without appearing oily or dandruff-like. You can style it with a pomade or gel for an edgy touch or leave it natural to show off your waves.

This hairstyle is ideal for guys with silver hair, creating the illusion of thicker locks. Additionally, it draws attention away from facial features and conceals any signs of balding.

The quiff is a timeless hairstyle for males of any hair type, even wavy. This textured haircut has been around for decades and continues to be considered one of the sexiest mens hairstyles by women.

2. Slicked Back and Ivy League

The Slicked Back and Ivy League are classic preppy styles that look great on any man. They can be paired with a variety of hair textures to suit your individual needs and preference.

This look is ideal for anyone seeking a sleek, slick finish without any frizziness or volume. It features a side part and high fade with some styling product to keep everything in place.

Another popular option is a slicked back quiff. This style works well if your thick, full head of hair tends to fall flat, as it provides extra support and volume.

In contrast to the classic Ivy League haircut, this version has less of a defined shape and works better for round or square face shapes. Furthermore, there’s no need for it to be ultra sharp and tidy – you can opt for a more organic, messy finish instead.

3. Side Part and Comb-Over

Comb-overs have long been associated with older men with balding heads, but can actually be a great way to add volume and movement into your style. Not only that, but it gives off an overall healthy glow that helps conceal thinning areas.

The comb-over is an easy style to keep looking good with minimal product usage. It works best for guys with fine or thick hair and flatters most face shapes.

A side part is essential to any comb over and can have a dramatic effect on how you appear. It may make you appear more masculine, sophisticated or even youthful.

When selecting a comb over, it’s essential to inform your barber where you want the part and what style of fade or taper you prefer. Doing this will guarantee that you receive the ideal cut for your head shape, according to Kristan Serafino – celebrity stylist and men’s grooming authority.

Another option is asking your barber for a hard part, which is an indented line cut through the hair with a razor for a sharply defined part. This will give your locks a cleaner finish and can be complemented by a fade.

4. Pompadour

The pompadour is an iconic hairstyle that has undergone many evolutions over time. Its roots can be traced back to 18th century France when Madame de Pompadour introduced this style into royalty circles.

The pompadour, popularized by icons such as Elvis Presley and James Dean, is one of the most iconic styles ever to grace a man’s head. Additionally, it remains one of the oldest trends still in fashion today.

Men with thick hair may prefer the pompadour style as it offers plenty of volume on top to add dimension and interest to their style. Older men may even benefit from this style since it allows them to show off the silver streaks in their gray hair.

Older men can experiment with various pompadour styles to find one that meets their needs. A low-fade style may be easier to maintain than its classic counterpart, while those with curly hair might benefit from trying a textured style which swaps out the high shine of the classic pomp for a matte finish.


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