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When it comes to managing frizzy-prone hair, there are various salon treatments available – however not all are the same.

Many hair-smoothing treatments employ formaldehyde, which may lead to side effects like burning eyes and nose. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a salon which uses safe products with low levels of formaldehyde. Furthermore, you should avoid tight elastic bands or pins in your hair for three days post treatment to protect it.

1. Cezanne keratin treatments and relaxers

Cezanne treatments can be done on all textures and colors of hair, from bleached or highlighted locks to those of all textures and colors, including bleached or highlighted locks. Unlike many smoothing treatments such as perms or relaxers, it does not cause damage as its low pH lifts only minimal cuticle lift-off so nourishing ingredients can penetrate. Its results are long-lasting yet beautiful – combatting frizz while taming wavy or curly locks up to five months!

Cezanne’s Keratin Smoothing Treatment is the ideal product for anyone wanting to eliminate frizz and strong curls as well as damaged, breakable hair. Formulated from botanical-based alpha hydroxy acids and natural silk proteins proven safe for the scalp and hair follicles, Cezanne strengthens weak strands by hydrating and strengthening them; making your locks stronger so it can grow longer!

Cezanne hair smoothing treatment offers a safer and healthier alternative than other keratin treatments as it doesn’t contain formaldehyde – which has been linked with carcinogenicity. Furthermore, unlike Brazilian smoothing or Japanese straightening treatments that require downtime (Brazillian or Japanese straightening for instance), you can wash your hair immediately following Cezanne treatment and continue swimming, exercising, working out etc. Wear your ponytail or clip it up if desired!

2. Brazilian smoothing

The Brazilian blowout has long been recognized for its successful hair-smoothing properties. Similar to keratin treatments, it temporarily coats your strands to reduce frizz, increase shine and shorten blow-dry time; however, unlike keratin treatments it uses plant-based amino acid rather than protein keratin for its effects.

Given this distinction, many stylists consider Brazilian blowouts safer than keratin smoothing treatments; however, it is still essential to remember that any Brazilian smoothing treatment contains chemicals. Stylists may be exposed to formaldehyde during a Brazilian blowout treatment; furthermore, formaldehyde-laden products could seep into both your scalp and skin during treatment.

Formaldehyde is an air pollutant known to be linked with cancer and respiratory conditions, including asthma. An OSHA study conducted by researchers discovered that certain hair-smoothing products released formaldehyde during their treatments. Some products, like Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution, listed low levels on their MSDS or label but were found to emit significant levels during air testing.

3. Japanese straightening

If your hair is curly or wavy, a professional salon straightening treatment could be of great assistance. Japanese straightening is a long-term process which chemically changes its structure to make your locks pin-straight (and will remain that way until roots grow out again).

This multi-step treatment begins by applying a solution to break down bonds in your hair to alter its texture permanently. Next, ceramic-coated flat irons are used to meticulously straighten each strand systematically; this may take several hours and requires extensive skill, so be sure to find a stylist who specializes in this form of straightening treatment.

Following your treatment, your stylist will apply a neutralizer to restore pH balance in your hair and lock in its new structure – giving it that silky-smooth appearance for years with proper care and maintenance.

Japanese straightening has one major drawback – it is permanent! Your hair will need touch-ups every six months or a year depending on its speed of growth; furthermore, more frequent treatments could cause chemical breakdown of your locks and lead to damage.


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