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Hair botox is a safe and effective conditioning treatment, similar to keratin smoothing services but without needles or botulinum toxin injection. The formula contains nutrients rich in essential fatty acids without formaldehyde which may damage hair fibers.

Hill suggests using this treatment on a weekly basis in order to keep locks strong and healthy.

Reduces Frizz

Hair botox is a deep conditioning treatment designed to restore health and shine to your locks while sealing cuticle layers and decreasing frizz. However, unlike its cosmetic counterpart, this hair treatment does not involve injections.

Conditioning agents are applied to wet hair for an agreed-upon duration before being rinsed out and straightened – offering long-term smoothing effects.

Hair botox treatments can benefit all types of hair – be it straight, curly, wavy or otherwise. It can treat dullness, brittleness and lack of volume caused by heat styling or harsh chemicals; its main component being protein that fills broken strands to make them smoother while simultaneously adding shine and volume to the locks. Furthermore, these treatments help prevent dandruff by feeding your scalp directly; to extend their effectiveness it is recommended that sulfate-free shampoo is used during this process.

Hydrates Hair

Hair botox does more than tame frizz; it also hydrates and strengthens your locks. Unlike other keratin treatments, this natural-ingredient-based solution uses ingredients that help your strands retain moisture for improved strength. Plus, its use on damaged or color-treated locks is both safe and feasible – you can apply it both at home and in salon.

This treatment works by filling in damaged sections of your hair cuticle to reduce frizz and create a smooth surface, as well as restore its luster, giving it a healthy shine.

Hair Botox is ideal for people with dry, brittle and low porosity locks who desire deep conditioning properties to seal each strand, preventing too much moisture from escaping, helping hydrate your locks for easier styling and maintenance. Furthermore, its deep conditioning properties seal each hair strand, sealing out excessive moisture that escapes through its pores – helping hydrate it even further while adding shine, elasticity and softening unruly locks! Additionally, daily wear and tear damage is reduced and split ends reduced thereby helping taming unruly locks!

Repairs Damaged Hair

Hair botox serves as a deep conditioning treatment, deeply moisturizing each strand by sealing its cuticle layer and providing it with enough hydration – leaving behind soft and shiny locks!

Hair damage treatments such as this one are also a fantastic solution for people looking to repair their locks, including heat styling, overprocessing and color treatments. Furthermore, these treatments help restore strength within each strand to protect against further damage to hair strands.

Not unlike keratin treatments, hair botox doesn’t straighten your locks; rather, it smoothes strands to help eliminate frizz for months – making it an effective and safe solution for all kinds of hair issues. Recommended especially for those with textured, curly or wavy locks looking for ways to avoid damaging heat tools.

Increases Volume

Hair botox is an innovative treatment designed to make your strands appear fuller and fuller while simultaneously protecting them from frizz and humidity. According to Cedric, adding Hair Botox once every other week along with a sulfate-free shampoo into your beauty regimen should achieve maximum effectiveness.

Hair Botox treatments work much like deep conditioning treatments; product is applied and massaged through your strands from root to tip for between 20-90 minutes before being rinsed off and your tresses dried or straightened as usual. According to Green, unlike keratin treatments that only suit thick, frizzy locks like thick and coarse locks with natural coils and coils that tend towards frizziness; botox works on all hair types – even damaged locks! It promises long term reduction of frizz for up to four months!


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