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Medium length hair requires both volume and matte texture for proper styling, which is achieved using dry texturizing spray or powder before styling to give it that airy lift effect.

This look works well for all hair textures, but can especially help thin or fine locks appear thicker. A low chignon (like Kiernan Shipka has) will elevate this style even further.

1. Dry Texturizing Spray

If you have curly hair, a dry texturizing spray may help your coils remain distinct and defined. As this type of hair spray is lightweight compared to other styling products which could weigh down your curls, this will allow for a natural appearance and enhance their definition.

Product is also great for fine hair that becomes oily quickly; giving you that model-off-duty look even on second and third day hair!

Before using any texturizing hair product, always shake its can well before each use as its formula can settle and need to be mixed back up by shaking it vigorously. This ensures all parts are evenly mixed.

Dry texturizing spray is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a casual, natural style with casual texture and messy waves. Easy to use and can give the effect of just having left the salon! Use before or after styling for added volume and texture.

2. Pomade

Pomade is an ideal firm hold hair product to achieve sleek, glossy styles with ease. Perfect for vintage styles with backcombing or more contemporary textured textures alike. Pomade also works wonders on medium length hair to keep it in place without flaking or dripping throughout the day!

Pomades historically consisted of oil-based pomades composed of ingredients like lard or petroleum jelly that produced high shine and robust hold, perfect for classic pompadour styles and sleek styles alike. But in the 20th century, scientists developed water based pomades which offered similar styling capabilities but could be removed more easily and had greater health benefits for your scalp and hair.

To use a pomade, rub a dime-sized amount between your palms to soften and warm it for easier application. Starting at the roots and working through to ends, apply from roots to ends for even coverage and refresh it throughout the day as necessary for added hold or shine reapply as often as needed for optimal results. Church California gel pomade offers superior water-based products made with organic ingredients for best results.

3. Super Loose Waves

Loose waves are an ideal option for anyone who’s going for a more casual look. Their longer lasting shape means you can wear them in various styles; using curling iron or wand, you can even create more structured loose wave looks!

HeyKali has provided a simple tutorial for creating beachy loose waves on YouTube beauty vlogger HeyKali. Start by sectioning off a one-inch strip of hair, working a dollop of volumizing cream or mousse into it, flat twisting until reaching the center, then lightly tease out ends for a softer finish.

Finish it all off with dry texturizing spray and some hairspray for a professional-looking result. This method can also work well on shorter styles like pixie cuts and shoulder-length lobs; just remember that thinner strands may require additional product to achieve the desired effect.

4. Low Chignon

A classic style that suits any ensemble and occasion is the chignon (pronounced shee-nyohn). To achieve its signature slick-back style like Rihanna’s, use gel or strong hold hair spray to secure the top layer of hair back at the nape of your neck using some framing pieces or even tuck them under for added volume and fullness. Finally, tease crown for additional texture and volume!

Add an extra touch to your look by adding braids at the base of your chignon for an eye-catching yet simple updo. It’s an effortless way to elevate an otherwise basic updo, and works especially well when worn by women with box braids or cornrows. If braiding your entire chignon seems daunting, consider simply adding flower accessories as subtle yet chic accents; this will instantly elevate any simple updo into something feminine and fashion forward!


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